Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stila Cool Lip Glaze Trio Swatches and Review

I saw this set at Sephora for $12 and HAD to buy it. I'm a sucker for discount sets. They have another set called Warm with, well, warm colors and I think I need it, too.  This is my third day in row doing a lip swatch post! I'm just obsessed with them currently, haha.

Stila Cool Lip Glaze Trio
The glosses are smaller than the regular sized Lip Glazes. These are 0.05 fl. oz./1.5 ml while the full sizes are .08 fl. oz./2.4 ml. The amount you get for the price tag is really good as the full sized glosses sell for $22 each, which is not even twice as much product as the ones in this kit. I think sometimes brand over-exaggerate the value of their sets. This one claims to have a value of $41 and that seems about right (sorry, I'm waaaay too lazy to do the math).

Stila Cool Lip Glaze Trio
Stila Cool Lip Glaze Trio
Stila Cool Lip Glazes in Grapefruit, Seashell, and Raisin
I know a lot of people are familiar with these glosses, but I have never tried them, so I'll describe them for you.

Like a lot of click pen glosses, it takes a million (Yes, a million. I counted.) "clicks" before the gloss starts to come out. I think I prefer doe-foot applicators to brush tips, but they aren't bad and you can be pretty precise about where the gloss goes. Each gloss has their own scent, which I'll talk about under the swatch of each color, that is supposed to reflect the color name. The scents are a little strong and artificial to me, but it won't stop me from wearing them.

The colors tend to be on the sheerer side, but still deposit an amount of color I'm happy with. My lips are not very pigmented, so the results of those with more pigmentation in their lips might vary. These glosses are pretty thick and sticky. Not MAC Lipglass sticky, but still sticky. I don't care for lipglasses that much and these are just about as sticky as I like to go with lipglosses. The good thing is that this means the gloss lasts on your lips longer than a thinner or less sticky gloss. The reason I don't care for sticky glosses is not because my hair sticks to them more (I find that my hair sticks to ANYTHING I put on my lips, even balm) but because I like that my lips feel glued together and I have to peel them apart every time I move them. But like I said, these don't give me quite the glue lips feeling that lipglasses do.

Bare lips just for reference
Stila Cool Lip Glaze in Grapefruit
Judging by the name of this one it should smell like grapefruit but it doesn't to me. I guess there is a vague citrus-y scent, but it smells kind of like furniture polish.

Stila Cool Lip Glaze in Seashell
This one confused me because I'm not sure how a seashell is supposed to smell. What confused me further is that this one smelled like maple syrup to me. Weird. But then again I'm terrible with discerning scents and describing what I smell, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Stila Cool Lip Glaze in Raisin
The one didn't smell like raisins which I am grateful for as I abhor raisins. Unless they're California Raisins, obviously. This one smelled floral, fruity and sweet, like a tropical fruit. Maybe passion fruit?

Overall I think this set is definitely worth the $12. I like that I can use these by themselves and also that they work well for layering.

  • Retails for $12 and is available on Stila's website and at Sephora.and Ulta

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Seashells smell of bleh. *nods* These are all really nice! I love the second one :D

  2. $12 is awesome value! Well done. I really like Stila's lip glazes.

  3. That is a good value for 3 Stila glosses! Seashell is my favorite!

  4. I got Seashell and Grapefruit in a set awhile back and I agree, the smells are sorta funky. The set I got had about 8 of these and one of them smelled really weird...I think it was Seashell! I am loving Raisin on you!

  5. Grapefruit and Seashell look especially pretty on you!

  6. Seashell and Raisin are gorgeous! Thanks for posting the ingredients, as well :)

  7. I love Stila Lip Glazes but I really hate the click-pen with brush applicator thing.


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