Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buxom Travel in Style Lip Duo Swatches and Review

 EDIT: Ugh, just realized I typed Buxom as "Buxmo" in the title.  I really need to learn how to proofread my titles...

I think I'm getting sick... noooo!  The left side of my throat and my left ear hurt. Weird. I hope I don't have an ear infection or something. I can just hear my mom spouting off this long list of herbs and vitamins to take before I get really sick. I know some people don't believe that stuff helps, but I just know that I didn't get sick nearly as often when I still lived with my parents and I took it all the herbal concoctions she threw at me.  Now I'm cheap and lazy and don't take any of it and get sick a lot more often! What do you guys to when you feel sickness coming on? Take something or just wait and hope you don't actually get sick?

Whew, I'm really behind on writing reviews.  I bought the above set of lipstick and lipgloss a month or two ago and still haven't gotten around to posting about it.  Whenever I'm late with posting reviews I'll just use the excuse that I needed more time to test the products.  It makes me sound more dedicated and hard working that I really am! :-P

Buxom's Travel In Style Lip Duo retails for $18 and comes with a mini lipstick in New Orleans and a mini lipgloss in Tara. These are rather small in size. The lipstick is pictured extended all the way so that is all the product it contains. Really, I know without a doubt I will still never use either of these up so I prefer the smaller size.

Here is the lipgloss compared to a full size Buxom lipgloss (the color is Lacey).

New Orleans and Tara

According to Sephora, New Orleans is desribed as a warm pink and Tara is described as a "sheer pink glimmer". They both look coral-ish on me.  The lipgloss also has these really pretty blue/violet sparkles.

Buxom lipgloss in Tara
The lipgloss is a supposed to be plumping and gives my lips a cooling, slightly tingling sensation. It has a burnt sugar/brulee scent that I don't particularly care for. But then again I don't like the sugary sweet/vanilla scents in a lot of lip products. The scent is definitely not enough to stop me from wearing/buying these glosses. They are thick and only slightly tacky, but feel smooth when you rub your lips together. I don't get any big sticky strings of lipgloss between my lips when I open my mouth. Because these are thicker glosses they are definitely longer lasting than a thinner gloss.

This one doesnt impart much color at all on my lips, but I love the contrasting blue sparkles. They're small enough as to not be gritty and don't make you look as if you have disco ball lips.

Buxom lipstick in New Orleans
This lipstick is matte but it doesn't feel drying on my lips. It doesn't feel cakey and the it applies smoothly and evenly.

The two colors look really great together and Buxom did an awesome job packaging them together.

Overall, I really love the lipgloss formula and plan to pick up more of them. I love the lipstick also and want to get more, but I don't wear lipstick all that often so I'll probably hold of a bit on them.


Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I love it when companies pair together lipsticks and glosses. It just makes life so much easier. I love this color on you!

    I try to eat as much organic food as possible, and I feel better when I do. Drinking green tea often has helped keep sickness at bay (at least for me).

  2. @Chris- Thank you! And I'll have to try drinking green tea. I think I have some. Maybe it's the antioxidants that are helping? I don't know. Well, my throat is sore so the very least the warmth will feel good on my throat!

  3. Oh wow, I love it. Individually they are gorgeous, but put together it's just as awesome! I have been pretty impressed by Buxom's lip products. They certainly are carving out their niche in the beauty industry.

  4. I'm the biggest Buxom fangirl ever, so I'mma get this. <3

  5. love these colors. when im sick putting lemon juice and honey in my tea helps and if you have a sore throat drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. it's gross but helps. feel better!

  6. I've never met a buxom I didn't like ;-) PS...i read your post on my blog the other day (but suck at remembering to respond in a timely manner!)...I cannot wait to see Peridot!@@

  7. @Mandy- I was looking at Sephora's site earlier and there are a couple more lip sets I want to try because now I'm obsessed!

    @Vijaya0 Ooh, I bet they will look great on you. I can't wait to see.

    @Kristin- Thank you! Honey lemon tea sounds amazing right about now. I've never tried the veinegar thing, but I've heard of it. I'll have to (force myself to!) try it.

    @Maribeth- You're part of the reason I bought this! I remember from a post a loooong time ago where you said you used to have a million Buxom lipglosses in your purse. It made me curious and I had to try them! I'm excited for Peridot, too. My first Chanel polish!

  8. I really need to try this range, this combo is gorgeous. :)

  9. I agree with you about the scent of the glosses. I have the Buxmo ;) Rock Stars set and I REALLY hate that smell! I do love the formulation though. The colour you got is really nice and I enjoy how it looks on its own and over the lipstick.


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