Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe Swatches

This polish retails for $18, which is waaaay more than I normally spend on nail polish. there are so many great brand and colors for much less than this, so it isn't often I feel the need to buy high end nail polish. But a needed a few extra dollars to meet the $39 minimum for free shipping at $18 is far from a few dollars, but I had a coupon code for $15 off an order of $50 so I ended up paying only $3 for the polish. Not bad, huh?

Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe in the sun
To be honest, I didn't really like this polish when I first put in on. I LOVE pictures of it, but somehow it doesn't translate as well to real life for me. But it has slowly grown on me and I now love it. Even though removal is the biggest pain in the ass ever. When i was done I had the big chunks of glitter EVERYWHERE. I even found them on my dogs.

Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe in the shade
What you're seeing in this picture isn't tipwear. It's just one of those polishes that applies really sheerly at the tips for some reason. I need to try layering this over a dark blue next time to mask the tip issue.

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  1. The color is simply magnificent. It reminds me of a mermaid's scales.

  2. Very pretty, but I hate taking glitter polish off, too.

  3. So pretty. I wonder how it compares to Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues.

  4. It's so gorgeous and interesting looking. As though it's 3D...really cool!

  5. Oh God it is so so stunning. I want so many of the Lippmann glitters.

  6. I've been wanting this polish foreverrrrr. Still want, SO BADLY!!! Ahhh I can't get over how gorgeous it is!

  7. Sooo gorgeous, omg. I don't think I could ever rationalize $18 for a nail polish... but this makes me want to.

  8. I love seeing photos of this polish. And about the removal--I love glitter polishes too, and I'm so glad I discovered the foil method of removal, it really takes the pain out of the process.

    To do: I use cotton rounds and pure acetone. About 3 spots of remover on the round, and then I cut the round into 5 pieces. I also prep some aluminum foil, cutting strips about 1"x3". Slap an acetone soaked cotton on your finger, wrap the foil around, and let it sit for 5 minutes. The glitter will come right off, I promise! I find it easier to do one hand at a time, but even 10 minutes of semi downtime is better than scrubbing uselessly!

  9. That is a super neat polish! Too bad about the tip thing, though. I had been eyeballing a few of these polishes but I won't pay so much for somthing that applies weird.


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