Saturday, August 6, 2011

NARS Zulu and Midnight Express Are Just Meh

Hrrm, feelin' kinda introspective today. Probably because I'm sick. And just a little down in general. I'm a weak person. Well, I find people in general tend to be weak, haha. But, the areas I'm weak in, I try to avoid.  Like I know I'm weak when it comes to drama. I try to avoid it because it is so freakin' easy for me to get sucked in to it. It starts out just chatting with friends and devolves into this terrible beast of a thing. At the time you don't realize that what you're doing maybe isn't the best and people could get hurt or whatever. But then afterward I'm just kinda sick at all the drama I participated in. So, I try to avoid it altogether.

And you know what? People always associate drama with women, but men are just as bad. I didn't realize this until fairly recently. My boyfriend is a firefighter and he is in an environment that is 100% men all the time (they have no female firefighters. I think it's partially a cultural thing here and mostly because the physical test you have to pass it freakin' hard. Only like 10% of the guys pass it.) Anyway, he tells me that men are just the same as women. They gossip about each other, get mad at talking behind each other's backs, and are just as petty.

Anyway, I have a couple NARS nail polish swatches for you. Unfortunately I dropped and broke both the bottles (ugh) while rearranging my polishes so I had to salvage what I could and put it into random bottles. For me personally, I think Zulu and Midnight Express are overrated. I don't care for polishes that look black in most lighting so I'm not even sure why I bought them. But if the formulas were perfect I might could overlook that. They are both fairly streaky and take 3 coats on my to even out. As GSP would say, "I was not impressed by your performance." (if you get the reference I love you forever). I actually like Midnight Express a little. I might be tempted to wear this one occasionally.

These swatches are pretty turrible, but that's okay. It goes with my turrible mood!

NARS Zulu in the sun
NARS Zulu in the shade
NARS Midnight Express in the sun
NARS Midnight Express in the shade

  • There retail for $17. Sephora doesn't have these shades listed on their website, but there are still a few places online you can find them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a better day than I am having! Haha.


  1. Midnight Express isn't so bad. I'm not a big fan of 'looks black' polishes either. Why not just wear black polish? Eh. I do like dark colors, though.

  2. I like really dark polishes, but I've always hated the NARS formula, myself.

  3. Yeah, these don't really rock me either...although your swatches are fab. I lol'd at your GSP reference ;-) Are you watching UFC tonight????!! I feel like there is an event on every weekend now. Did you watch Fedor lose last week? I was kinda sad :/

  4. @Sarah- Yeah, Midnight Express is okay. I like dark polishes, but I still want them to look different from each other!

    @Vijaya- I have Purple Rain and I do really like that one. But still the formula isn't my favorite. It chips pretty quickly and polishes rarely chip on me.

    @Maribeth- Haha, I can't wait until October when GSP fights again. although he has been a bit boring lately. And of course I watched the Hendo/Fedor fight! I didn't want either of them to lose, but I knew it was going to be a good fight. I wanted Hendo to win though. I like him better!

  5. I kind of want NARS Zulu, but I already own Orly Wandering Vine and I can't justify getting another dark green right now when I hardly wear WV. I know I'll find a way to get Zulu once my finances improve. I'm greedy like that. :D
    I do want to get Purple Rain later on. I think that polish is one worth having.

  6. I'm sorry you don't care for them, I really quite like them!


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