Monday, August 8, 2011

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Swatches and Review

So I feel better today. Emotionally anyway. And I'm so silly, I FINALLY realized why so many little things were affecting me. It happens every month, if ya know what I mean, I freak out to why I'm feeling so sad. And then I look at the calender, and go ,"Ahh, now it makes sense." Being a girl sucks sometimes, but I don't care, I still wouldn't rather be a man! :-P

I think the packaging of these are so cute! They are a little over packaged for my tastes, though. Especially since my dumb city doesn't have a recycling program!

Here are the ingredients.  I'm not sure why Burt's Bees decided to ONLY put the ingredients on the outer packaging. There is plenty of room on the tube, but they're only here on the part you throw away.

The brown tube is pretty ugly isn't it? Well, at least it's distinctive, which makes it easy to find in my purse.

The tint barely shows up on my arm, but it is noticeable on my lips. The smell is rather fruity and it doesn't smell like any other Burt's Bees Lip balm I have tried. The texture isn't as waxy as the regular lip balm, but not as emollient as the Replenishing lip balm. It isn't the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever used, but my lips don't feel dry when it wears off. Also, it doesn't last as long as some of the other Burt's Bees lip balms, but that may be because I feel like a have to have my lip balm be a centimeter thick on my lips before I feel like it's working.

Bare lips for reference

The tint shows up on my lips much better than it does on arm. Which is nice, as I am not in the practice of wearing tinted balms on my arms. I wasn't sure how I felt about this tinted lip balm at first but I decided I really like it. As much as I try to get into more pigmented lip colors, I just think they look weird on me. And I rarely apply lip products with a mirror so what I mostly end up using are products like this that I can apply without looking. I just wish these weren't so expensive. Burt's Bees regular lip balms sell for $3 on their website, while the tinted balms sell for $7 for the same amount of product. That is over twice as much for a little bit of tint. But then again, I've paid a lot more than this for lip products I rarely wear.  I haven't tried any of the other colors in this line, so I'm not sure how pigmented those are. But this one is perfect for me.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I really like BB's standard beeswax balm. I'm not really into tinted balms, because they never show up on me, but I want to try their lip glosses. I've been looking for a more natural lip gloss.

  2. That looks really pretty on your lips!

  3. I'm so torn. I almost bought one of these last night myself (then I opted to get a new pillow instead, totally the same thing...) I don't particularly need something JUST for color, so maybe I'll skip since it wasn't really out of this world for moisturizing.

    1. Actually, I found them REALLY moisturizing! I have pink blossom, hibiscus, and tiger lily (and a back up). They are honestly amazing. My lips are naturally really pigmented, but with a few layers of this stuff, it's like I'm wearing lipstick cause the color payoff is amazing. You jus have to layer it a bit. I don't even feel the need to wear lipgloss anymore, just this stuff.

  4. Nice! I've been dying to try this for a while... I love Burts Bees. But eh, I already have way too many lip balms. I need to whittle through some of them before I go buying new ones, really...

  5. Looks *so* great on you! No joke. This is one of those items I've been thinking about FOREVER, but never got around to actually buying!

  6. Heck yeah Burt's Bees! Maine- represent! The woman who started this company purchased a HUGE amount of land for conservation. The best part is: recently she gave part of the land to a park and the other part for hunters. I wish I could support her company more, but the balms (any balms) are awful for my lips. It sucks that it's more money. I can't imagine why they'd charge that much more for tint. How much can it really cost to tint lip balm in the process of making it? Huh.


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