Sunday, July 24, 2011

Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl Swatches and Review

One thing I don't like about Physician's Formula products- they have ridiculously long names! But besides that, I have been impressed with most everything I have tried from them. I think Physician's Formula is definitely one of the better quality drugstore brands and is a bit underrated.  I wish their products were a little less expensive, but since many of them preform on the same level or better as the more expensive ones I buy from Sephora and such, it isn't that big of an issue. Plus, the brand regularly goes on sale.

I bought this powder several months ago during one such sale.  I rarely use highlighters because I don't care for the way they look on me, but I keep buying them regardless.  I guess I think that if I buy enough of them I'll fall magically in love with them.  But out of the highlighters I have, this one is definitely my favorite and I actually find myself reaching for it.  Yes, it's sparkly, but more refined and not gigantic glitter chunks of sparkle. It's build-able so you can go from a light sheen to full on disco ball cheeks depending on your preference.  The texture is smooth and blends easily. They soft and not chalky in the least.  I don't find that it imparts any color, just sparkle, on my skin, but that may just be because it is close in tone to my skin. It comes with a little brush, which is okay at getting the powder on your face, but as expected isn't that great. I would rather them ditch the brush and reduce the size of the compact.  It's a little bulky and the decorative pearl on top makes it impossible to stack.  The price, $13.95, is pretty high for drugstore makeup, too.

I highly recommend one of these powders if you're looking for a good highlighter from the drugstore. Next time Physician's Formula is on sale I plan on picking up the two blushes of this type (they retail for $10.95, but have less product).

All I'm wearing in this pic on my cheeks is the highlighter. Can you see how my cheeks are naturally kind of pink? It's annoying because it makes all my blushes look the same unless I pile the blush on.

  • Easy to wear
  • Buildable amount of sparkle
  • Smooth, soft texture
  • Not chalky and blends easily
  • A little pricey for drugstore makeup
  • Packaging is a bit bulky

  • Sold at drugstores and retails for $13.95

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. This looks really pretty:) My cheeks are naturally pink like that too...I have such a hard time wearing blush because of it!

  2. Great review! I love physician's formula, and was thinking of getting this, so thanks for confirming my shopping list! :)

  3. I always wanted to try their Happy Booster formula with all the pink hearts...I am such a sucker for cute design! ^_^

  4. Yep, PF is pretty darn pricey for a DS brand. Maybe they are charging for all those letters they put in the name? LOL.

    I tried out their Shimmer Strips in Sunset Strip. It's pretty good. There's a sizeable amount so I won't hit pan anytime soon. Btw, I did a review on that Organic Wear mascara I was telling you about a few days ago. The post is already up.

  5. Looks very nice, I really like the packaging with the little pearl. I really want their blush one with the little hearts. Your cheeks really don't look too red to me!


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