Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EOTD: Versailles' Old Gold

My final exam in my lab is tomorrow.  Man, these summer classes go by quick.  I hope I actually learned something, haha.  The good thing is I can make as low as an 60 on the final and still  make an A in my lab!  It's looking good for making an A in my lecture, too.  Yay me!  I start my second summer class class and lab for biology the day after my current class ends. I'm really looking forward to a break, but won't get one until December, when the fall semester is over. Ugh.
I wore this look to school last week.

This is MAC's Old Gold pigment on the lid and below the lower lash line, Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics' Versailles eyeshadow in the crease, and MAC's Superslick liquid eyeliner in Desires & Devices on my upper lash line.

I don't actually own the full size of MAC's Old Gold pigment.  I asked my SA for a sample because I was thinking about buying the full size but she filled the sample jar so full I'm not sure I will even use the whole thing.  As much as I like Old gold, I love Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics' Versailles eyeshadow even better.  It is so gorgeous and a definite must own.

Here is what I wore on my lips with this look:

This is elf Flirtatious lipstick under Essence's Rising Star lipgloss.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Great look. Love that lip especially!

  2. Love that lip and that gold is aaaaaawesome!

  3. Like the lips, but you should have put a darker crease color to give the look definition (just a suggestion :)

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    Simply Lera

  4. This color is so pretty and saturated. I love a gold shadow in the summer ;-)

  5. @Vijaya- The lip was my favorite part!

    @Robyn- Do you have anything from Antoinette's Revolution. If not, they have a sale going one right now... :)

    @Lera- Yeah, the picture didn't capture the differences between the shades the way it actually looked. I was a bit disappointed by that. But I figured it was still worth sharing.

    @Maribeth- I love this gold. I'm tempted to pour into a bottle of clear polish and make a gold nail polish!

  6. Oooh those golds are gorgeous! They go so well with your eyes :)

  7. SWEET! I think I have to get this pigment! The lipgloss is awesome, too!


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