Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LUSH Love Lettuce Mask Review

I've been sitting on this review for awhile just because I'm afraid people would think reviews for skincare items are kinda boring.  It's not as interesting as lip swatches (my favorite thing to do, haha) but it probably gets stale seeing the same thing on my blog all the time.  I'll just jump right in with a picture-

Ahh! Scary makeup-less mask face!

There isn't a LUSH store within 250 miles of me and I prefer to see products from a brand in person before I purchase online, so I have never owned any LUSH products. The city my parents live in recently opened a LUSH store so when I was visiting them a few months ago I stopped in. I wish I had read about how, um, helpful, the employees are before going so I would have been able to fend off their attacks better. But I walked in and was completely overwhelmed. I'm one of those shoppers who likes to be in my own little world while shopping and employees guiding me makes me nervous. The employees are super nice but extremely pushy.  I know they are just doing the job they instructed to do and they HAVE to be that way, but I find it off-putting and makes me less likely to visit the store.

Anyway, I ended up buying the Imperialis face moisturizer and Love Lettuce Fresh face mask. 

The mask comes in a 2.1 oz container and the "fresh" in it's name isn't just there for funsies.  These mask aren't sold online, only is stores, because they really are fresh and must be kept refrigerated.  They're meant to be used within 3 weeks because they don't have any preservatives. I accidentally forgot about mine in the fridge (I only had about 1 mask worth left) and when I checked it after 6 weeks (twice it's shelf life) I did see little bits of mold growing.  So just make sure you use it within the stated time frame!

I have about the most normal skin you can have- not oily, dry, sensitive, or acne-prone so I'm probably not the best person to review skin care as most things seem to work at least okay for me.  But I really love this mask. My face has never felt as soft as it does when I take off this mask. It doesn't feel super moisturized (I could probably go without a moisturizer though if I had to) but it feels really soft and clean. And the glowing after-mask skin never lasts, but this one definitely left my skin brighter for a bit.  I have to warn you, I'm a bit of a masochist and like my exfoliators rough and scratchy.  This isn't the roughest exfoliating scrub/mask thingy I've ever used, but isn't very gentle either.  Oh, and I love the smell. It smells natural- like earthy lavender. Real lavender essential oil, not that fake perfume-y crap.

I'm sad that these masks expire so quickly mainly because I don't have a LUSH near me and can't stock up.  In general I think LUSH is a bit overpriced and probably a bit overrated, but I do think they have some good products.  And Love Lettuce is my favorite so far!

  • LUSH's Fresh Face Masks are only available in LUSH stores and retail for $5.95.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. HhaAHAHAHahaha...I love your pic ;) I haven't tried LUSH yet, but they def have some interesting products. They are opening one in Portland soon, so I will have to try them then!

  2. My local Macy's has a lush counter and I have to say the sa's there are pushier than anywhere else in the store. I once had one randomly walk up to me and start rubbing a massage bar on my arm before even saying hello. Luckily their products are so amazing I'll deal with the crazies.

    Love your blog.

  3. Hehe, oh yeah, the sales people. I'm the same way when I shop - if I need help, I'll ask, but otherwise, don't bug me. So LUSH is quite an experience, with their "Try this! You like that? You'll like this too! Have you tried these? TRY THESE!! YAY!"

    I can deal with that for a nice bubble bar, though. They're worth the hyper caffeinated sales people ;)

  4. i dont work at a lush but i do have to act like that at my job. on the bright side the employees at lush do know what theyre talking about and have pointed me in the direction of great products. next time you go to lush try a shower jelly theyre amazing.

  5. I think South Texas is totally ready for a Lush Store!

  6. We have one LUSH store here in Cincinnati and I bought some things there a few months ago. I didn't feel pushed at all and was thankful. Because I have definitely been hounded by the SAs at the Chicago LUSH. I do like their stuff though. I'm thinking of trying one of their hair products.

  7. I totally agree with you about the pushy people in LUSH, it drives me nuts!! I am a personal space type of person so no, I do NOT want you to put stuff on me!! BACK AWAY!!! Anyway, I used to love their bath bombs but I am really put off of going in to their stores because of the sales staff.


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