Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hard Candy Baked Blush in Living Doll Swatches and Review

I had been wanting this blush forever but my Walmart never seemed to have it in stock.  Which isn't a huge surprise- Walmart's beauty section is *this* close from declared a federal disaster zone.  But when I was visiting my parents a month and half ago I beheld the rarest sight known to man (okay, this may be pushing the hyperbole a bit too far...)- a fully stocked and clean beauty section at their local Walmart.  I didn't even pay attention to the rest of the Hard Candy display, I just bought this baby lightning fast. Now I'm kinda wishing I bought some more...

Thankfully this blush lived up to it's hype for me.  The texture is soft, non-powdery, and pigmented.  It's a shimmery blush but comes off looking like a sheen on my cheeks and not huge chunks of pore-enlarging sparkle.  It's fairly light, so it probably better for lighter skin tones although my darker skinned gals could probably use it as a highlighter.  But what do I know?  My friend and fellow blogger Vijaya of Fierce Nerditude pulls off light blushes like no one else can.

I thought this was kind of weird- it says "Use wet for intense, dramatic color." I don't think I've ever heard of anyone using a power blush wet before.  Have you or do you know anyone who has done this?

Sorry this is only half of my face.  The other side looked weird, haha.  And I also apologize for applying it so heavily.  I think I must have been a drag queen in a past life because I a tend to be very heavy handed with makeup. As much as I want to think so, more is not always better.

  • I'm not even sure if this blush is sold at Walmart anymore.  Or maybe only in certain store.  I do still see at online at for $7, though.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I don't even live near a Walmart. *sigh*

  2. Hahaha! That is definitely waht my local WalMart's beauty section looks like. So far when I venture there I go right for the Pure Ice nail polish and Hard Candy, but like 99% of the HC products have been "tested" ... ugh!

  3. Yeah, WalMarts in general can be pretty sketch! Finding one that's clean and has a stocked beauty aisle is difficult. I bought this blush last year and I loved it. Then one day I went to use it and it must have slid around in my makeup container because is shattered. I bought another blush and it did the same thing. I think I needed to store them a little bit more carefully!


  4. This is a lovely color on you! & don't worry; I have the same exact problem with blush...I have a really heavy hand at it. It's why I normally get sheet blushes, and normally stay away from plum colored blush, so I don't make myself look ridiculous. I found a plum blush recently that was too pretty to say no to, I hope I get better at applying it, otherwise I'm sure I'll get some weird looks! ;)

  5. It looks lovely on you! I really wish Hard Candy would come back over here!

  6. Ah, a clean, well-stocked beauty department at Wal Mart IS hard to find! I have this blush as well as Pin Up. I like them both but I find this one is too pink for me, I should have got the lighter pink one. I did try applying these wet and they apply darker but then they tend to flake off a bit and don't blend very well so I wouldn't really use them wet again.

  7. gorgeous! as well as whatever is on your lips!

  8. What are you wearing on your lips? I'm always on a quest for pigmented glosses.


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