Thursday, July 7, 2011

FOTD: Sleekly Tarte and Buxom

I know I sound like a broken record continuously complaining about how busy I am.  I'm getting kinda tired of it myself.  Well, if I wasn't so damned busy I wouldn't have to complain, haha!  It feels like when I'm not working on school, I'm sleeping.  Luckily I still have a bit of time to put on makeup (most days) so I've been taking pictures of it.  Yesterday I got up early enough to fix my hair so you get more than just a picture of my eyeball.  I'm still not ready to show my un-straightened hair; it's a wavy poofy mess.
Sorry if I look tired, it's because I am!

I'm wearing colors from Buxom's Stay-There eyeshadow palette on my eyes, Sleek's Pan Tao blush on my cheeks (VERY light application), and Tarte's PureOptic lipgloss in Pink Grapefruit on my lips.  The black liner is Wet n Wild's gel eyeliner and the mascara is Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.  Oh, and I don't wear foundation.  I use concealer under my eyes because of dark circles, but I never wear foundation.  The most I wear is some SPF 50 powder from Physician's Formula, but I'm not wearing it in this picture.  I just have on some translucent setting powder so my face doesn't get shiny.  I'm lucky that I've never had problems with acne or anything. Which is good because I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to skincare.  I need to start being more consistent!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I never wear concealer. I just have it. xD

  2. Very pretty! I love that lip color on you. :)

  3. I like the Tarte gloss on your suits you well :)

    Come visit my blog :)
    Simply Lera

  4. You look beautiful! I love the pinky eyeshadow, it really makes your eyes pop :)

  5. You are very lucky you don't need foundation. Your skin look great! And I am really loving your lip gloss. Like LOVING! haha

  6. You have beautiful skin Jessi! Make sure you wear an SPF so you don't fry it in the hot Texan Sun!! (ha, I'm such a nag ;) I really want the Buxom palette.....and the Tarte lipgloss looks HOT on yoUu!

  7. @Vijaya- I think because I'm pretty pale that any darkness is super magnified. I feel self conscious if I don't wear it!

    @Darling Girl- Thank you Susan!

    @Lera- Thanks!

    @Lilian- Thank you so much! I wish I had your color eyes, but green is still fairly unique!

    @Amber- It is is super lucky. Hopefully my skin stays decent looking! And I love that lipgloss, too. I have an auto-delivery Tarte thing from QVC that comes every few months and that lipgloss was in the most recent shipment.

  8. You have gorgeous skin!! I hate wearing liquid foundation (reminds me of makeup artists at MAC who have like 10 pounds of crap on their faces, haha)...but I like loose mineral foundation to make my face not as shiny after I put on moisturizer!

    Also, it's so nice to see a pic of you smiling! You have a really pretty smile too :)

  9. @Maribeth- Thank you! I know, i nkow, i don't wear suncreen often enough. And when I do I only wear it on my face. My arms and chest are slowly turning darker than my face and it looks pretty silly! And I love that Buxom palette. I need some of the other stay-there shadows now.

    @Margaret- Thank you! Yeah, Too heavy of foundation never looks good. I wish that my smile didn't look so forced, but I'm terrible at taking pictures of myself! I'll work on it!

  10. Ahh yay, I love this look. You have full lips too, AWESOME.

  11. @Makeup Zombie- Thank you! Not as full and beautiful as yours!


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