Saturday, July 2, 2011

FOTD: Pink-Orange Eyes, Coral Cheeks, and Straight Hair

Whew, another long day and I'm wiped out.  Sooo... that means another short post. Sorry! :(  Here is a quick  eye look I wore to school last week.  Someone ALWAYS has to comment whenever I wear bright or bold eyeshadow.  Colors like this normal to me, but there is always someone who says (usually a catty girl wearing thin veil of courtesy), "Wow, your eyeshadow is really... bright."  No shit lady, I may not be the best at it, but I really did not apply it in the dark.  I do know what color I'm wearing.

The time I wore this, a girl in my chemistry lab walked by and did a double take.  "Um, why are you wearing orange eyeshadow?!" I just stared at her in shock for a few seconds, not knowing what to say. My lab partner (a guy; he's really cool) said, "Uh, maybe because she wants to?" I just smiled at her at her and said, "Well duh, you couldn't think of that yourself? You had to ask me?"  At this point my lab partner was sniggering at her and I guess she didn't expect him to take up for me so she spun around really quick and went back to her table.  I just told me lab partner, "What a dumb bitch", we laughed for a minute and moved on.  She still glares at me whenever she sees me.  I just smile at her.

I don't understand why people feel the need to boost themselves by tearing other people down.  Or trying at least.  I'm far enough out of middle school to where the mean things girls say doesn't bother me.  I obviously wear or do something because I like it, not because you do.  How hard is that to comprehend?!  When people are catty like that, I just laugh at them.  They are plainly insecure and trying to boost their self image by ruining yours, so laughing at them is probably the worst thing you can do.

On that note, here I am in my orange eyeshadow.

I'm wearing some mattes from Sleek's Paraguaya palette on my eyes, and Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in Glisten on my cheeks.  I'm not wearing anything on my lips because I forgot. Boo.  I ended up wearing MAC Evolution Revolution lipglass and wish I had gotten a picture of the whole look together.

I've decided to post pictures of myself more often.  I'm tired of being insecure because I'm overweight.  I'm not so afraid of being judged because I'm fat, but because I'm weak.  Being overweight shows that I'm weak and THAT is what bothers me for other people to know. I'm ashamed that I'm not happy with my current body (mostly for health reasons), but I lack the willpower to change it.  I know plenty of people who are overweight and perfectly content with themselves.  But that isn't me, and I try my best to hide my discomfort with myself because my weakness scares me.  I also think I just try to ignore it, which keeps me being fat, because I would be reminded of my failings. So, I try not to think about it (even though it doesn't really work, haha). Does that make sense?

Woah, this post was longer and more personal and introspective than I originally planned.  Eh, it was cathartic to type about, even if no one reads it!

But to those who did, thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Did you punch that girl in the face? No, I'm kidding, but seriously, I feel like I could hit someone at this point.

    What is wrong with people, to think that they can just say whatever they want? I have such a low tolerance for rudeness, esp. since I spent several years working in retail. I am officially sick of dealing with people.

    Once I was accosted by a guy with a European accent who asked for directions. I mistakenly gave him the wrong directions, apologized, then corrected myself. He proceeded to shout at me and tell me that I "must not speak English" because I gave the wrong directions. Very friendly, huh?

    Anyway, I LOVE the orange shadow on you. :)

  2. I hope you do post more pictures of yourself. You're lovely (also, the fact that you're overweight isn't readily apparent to me at all!)

  3. I love the orange on you! She was probably wishing she could pull it off as well as you. I know what you mean, though- the older women at my work are seriously the most dramatic/catty people I've ran into, almost the same as high school. It's insane.

  4. You look beautiful, I love that orange shadow :) So many people do that 'do you realise you're wearing *insert whatever they're insulting*?' do they really think it's that effective? It's so stupid.

  5. What a fucking bitch. Get over yourself, love, you're not as cool as you think you are. Orange makeup was all over the blodoy catwalk. I love orange and coral and you loks gorgeous - really nice with your eye colour! And yesyesyes to more pictures please :)

  6. Love the orange. I'm from South Texas too, and yes you will always find that one young person who has grown up in the dark ages. You look fantasic. And I'm sure you have a makeup collection she would kill to have.

  7. I think the orange looks fantastic on you!!! Don't listen to that b----. You're lab partner is so great!!! Makeup is art and if people don't understand it, they should just screw themselves. hahahah

  8. @Chris- I didn't beat her up, but I know I could have it I wanted to! Haha. I tend to think I can beat anyone up. And retail is terrible. I admire the people who can do it because there is only so much I can take before I mouth off to the next rude person. and about the European guy- wow. What an ass! And you were just trying to be helpful! I don't understand how people get through life treating others like that. It seems like a sad existence.

    @Vijaya- Thank you! And it's not readily apparent because I angled my head and body *just so*. You should have seen the outtakes- I had approximately 15 chins in all of them! :)

    @Steph- Thank you so much! I used to think it was just women that were this bad, but my boyfriend is a firefighter and works with all men and he says they're just as much drama queens as women are. I think he was surprised to discover this, too.

    @Lillian- Thank you ma'am! I think you're gorgeous as well. I've atalked your blog for the longest time but barely got the courage to talk to you because I thought you would be too cool to talk to me. I'm silly, huh?

    @Robyn- She was/is a fucking bitch. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to form a meaningful relationship with her. And orange is in style? I guess that's why there is so much of it being sold lately. Haha, I'm completely clueless when it comes to trends, but hell, I wish I would have known so I could have thrown it in her smug little face.

    @HauteBeautyBargain- Thank you! Do you still live in South Texas? I'm originally from Austin but have lived here since I was 15. People in Austin can be just as bad. It seems like everyone there is super in shape. Then I visit I feel like the only fat person in the whole city, haha!

    @Sally- Thank you! And I thought it was really cool of my lab partner to say that. Especially since I had only first met him when the class started a few weeks prior. Makeup is an escape for me. And also my artistic outlet seeing as I'm a terrible artist!

  9. People are just friggin weird. If what you are saying doesn't add any value, then you should STFU :) Usually someone who would say something like that is insecure themselves, so that is why they try to bring you down. They are emotional vampires who suck fun right out of the room.

    2ndly, good for you for taking a step into being more comfortable with yourself. I could tell you a 1,000 times that you have nothing to be self conscious about (because, UM you don't!) but it is something you have FEEL for yourself, I know that. I've been there too. Hell all of my life I've felt like that, even now to a point. Focus on the postitive :-) xoxoxoxxoxo

  10. You are beautiful! and that orange eyeshadow looks great on you! Ughh some people are just so damn rude; makeup is supposed to be fun <3

  11. That's so rude. I've worn lots of crazy colors, and even if it's out there, most people have the decency not to comment. If it's what you wanna do, and it looks gorgeous (and you do! :D) then why not?

  12. Yep, still live in South Texas. :-)

  13. Personally, I think you look great! Oh, other people and their people not learn manners anymore? I never comment on the appearance of another person in a negative way, it's not polite AT ALL and what's the point???? Just because someone else doesn't care for another person's style doesn't give them the right to be a loudmouth and comment on it....keep it to yourself, people. Life is difficult enough already, we should keep our interactions with others POSITIVE!! Keep on rockin' the orange eyeshadow!!!

  14. I think you look lovely!


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