Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Lipgloss Swatches

 I have some eyeshadow and lipgloss swatches for you today from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. I've reviewed them previously and they are one of my favorite indie companies.  If you haven't ordered from them before I highly recommend that you do so!

I actually want to amend the review I did of their Lip Glazes.  In my first order I ordered a few custom lip glazes and decided that the formula wasn't for me.  After playing with them for a few months I've changed my mind.  I really like them now.  My problem was that I was layering them on too thickly.  You just need the tiniest amount.  And they last forever, too!  The good news is that these are now packaged in a squeeze tube and are no longer in a jar, yay!

Sorry I didn't do a look with these eyeshadows, my eye decided to be a butthole (not literally a butthole, thank god) and get infected. I'm not sure what the culprit is, old contact lenses, bad mascara, either of the two creams I have been using on my eyes, but I hope it clears up soon because it looks nasty.

Annnnnyway, on to the pictures!

From left- Broken Hearted, Flip Flops, Naughty Dog, Purple Poppy, Banana Taffy, My First Kiss, Over the Edge, Nude Beach, Enchantment
As always, the first row is dry on bare skin while the second row is over a sticky base (Pixie Epoxy).

Unfortunately Banana Taffy and My First Kiss are no longer being sold on Kiss My Sass's website and Over the Edge is a gift with purchase on orders over $25.

These pictures are taking in blindingly bright sun.  I always figured that the brighter the sun the more the glitter/shimmer would stand out but I'm learning that that doesn't seem to be so.  The bright midday sun seems to wash out all the sparkles. Or maybe there are just too many sparkles and my camera freaks out and can't capture them. I need to figure out new lighting conditions!

From left- Broken Hearted, Flip Flops, Naughty Dog, Purple Poppy
From left- Banana Taffy, My First Kiss, Over the Edge, Nude Beach, Enchantment

I love these lipglosses. They're a bit on the sheer side, but this is the type of thing I usually wear every day.  As much as I appreciate a bold lip, I just don't find myself wearing one all that often.  Plus, these would be really great for layering too.  If you prefer more pigmented lip products, Kiss My Sass just recently came out with a line of them called Lip Mixers.

A cool thing about them is that you can choose your own scent.  I got a different scent for each one and I really like them all.  You can also get unscented if you prefer.

The packaging has changed somewhat since I ordered these.  The glosses used to be available in several different sizes, but now they are only offered in a large size doe-foot tube and a sample clam-shell.  The samples are $2.50 and the regular sized container is $12.

Everyone has their own budgets, but $12 feels a little high to me personally.  As much as I like them, $12 feels a little over the price point I'm willing to pay for an indie lipgloss.  I feel bad complaining about pricing, because it's not my business and they can charge what they want- if I don't like it, I don't have to buy it. But I just felt I should mention it. And I really do like the glosses.

From left- Caribbean Escape, Pink Rush, Plastic Princess, Peach Bellini, and Summer Lovin'
Caribbean Escape
Pink Rush
Plastic Princess
Peach Bellini
Summer Lovin'

  • Kiss My Sass's website. Make sure you check their coupon tab to see any you can use on your order. The link to the coupon tab is here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I love Broken Hearted, Enchantment, and Summer Lovin'! Great swatches!

  2. Summer Lovin is GORGEOUS, but $12 for an indie lipgloss is pretty... well, screw that. I love Banana Taffy too!

  3. Oh wow I love Broken Hearted. And Summer Lovin is absolutely amazing! But $12 for that little tube? :/

  4. Plastic Princess is a much subtler shade than I would've guessed! Thanks for the swatches!

  5. @RoboZelda- Thank you! You should pick up some things if you get a chance!

    @Robyn- I love everything, but the eyeshadows are more on par with what other indie companie charge and i definitely recommend those. they have sample jars which I always like! The ones I bought are sample jars and they have a ton of eyeshadow in them.

    @Lillian- Yeah, Broken Hearted is definitely my favorite! The tubes are bigger than the ones I show in the picture. They used to offer the mini and medium tubes, but now only offer the big ones.

    @Vijaya- I wasn't expecting it to be so subtle either. But this is actually better for me as I'll wear it more.

  6. I like a lot of these colors (of course Banana Taffy, lol) I really need to place another Kiss My Sass order soon as I like the things I got a lot

  7. Summer Lovin' is so pretty! I so need something like that. :D

  8. Summer Lovin' looks great on you! You could smudge a bit of dark green liner on your lids, throw on some mascara and SL would finish the look.

  9. I really love Summer Lovin' and Broken Hearted! I was looking on their website and I noticed that a bunch of stuff that I wanted to try is no longer available :(


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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