Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Syrup Goes On Your Mouth, Not Your Waffles- MAC Syrup Lipstick

MAC Syrup is one of those lipsticks that I have heard about forever, but always looked over in favor of MAC's limited edition collections.  What a mistake!  This is not one of those toe-curlingly brilliant lipsticks that will make you feel like sexiest woman on earth, but it is pleasurable in it's own way.  Also, do lipsticks like the first one I described actually exist?  If so, let me know, okay?  This lipstick makes me feel mature, but not mature in that condescendingly blasé way they use to describe people over a certain age, aka "old ladies".

This is a Lustre finish lipstick, but I'm not a MACophile so I have no idea what that means.  I don't even know that I care much.  I DO know that I love this lipstick.  I've heard people rave about MLBB (my lips but better) lippies for the longest time but I figured it was just a myth because I never had that experience.  Until Syrup.  I finally got around to trying it on at the MAC counter and was like, "But where is it?"  I then realized that somehow it had replaced my lips with a slightly darker, smoother, and prettier version.  It's how I WISHED my lips looked.  I bought a tube on the spot with no hesitation.  And unlike most of my impulse buys, I don't regret it.

MAC Syrup lipstick
MAC Syrup lipstick
MAC Syrup lipstick
This lipstick feels moisturizing and lightweight.  I don't feel like I have a lipstick mask on my lips.  It's a bit sheer and not the most exciting color in the world, but it serves it's purpose and does it well.


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  1. Syrup is lovely. I still haven't found an MLBB shade, though.

  2. @Vijaya- I like MLBB shades but I'm starting to appreciate bolder colors more. I don't wear this one as much as I thought I would for that reason.

  3. Lustre lipsticks are more on the sheer/not so pigmented side, lucid and last less than other finish (I love Amplified and Satin from MAC).
    Syrup is a cute colour :D


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