Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Conflicted...

I'm really conflicted and I'll show you why.

This arrived in the mail yesterday:

I ordered this several weeks when Cherry Culture was having a 50% off sale on NYX.  This was supposed to be an anniversary gift from my boyfriend (hey, the man knows what I like, and it ain't flowers), but now it's tainted. Boo. 

I'm sure everyone knows by now about the NYX sale debacle.  I'm so sick of the situation and disgusted with the company and I don't really feel like going into it right now.  Here are a few articles written about it if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Fierce Nerditude

There are other great articles written by bloggers, but these were the ones I remembered off the top of my head.

I don't understand why such a fairly large company would treat, and still continue to treat it's customers the way they are.  I understand server issues, it happens, but the way they handled the situation was and is deplorable.  It was super bad luck on my part that I just happened to place this huge order of their products, albeit from a different website, right before this incident. If I ever HAD to have an NYX product in the future, I would NEVER purchase it directly from their company.  I recommend buying from Cherry Culture or Ulta or some other retailer.

So now I have all these products that I'm unsure about.  I can't return them as they were a final sale being 50% off or I probably would have.  I will use them because I paid for them and I actually do like the products.  But, I hate supporting and promoting a company like them. So, I'm conflicted.  I don't know whether I should swatch and review them or even use them in looks for the blog or not. I don't want to tell people what they should and should not buy, but posting about the products on my blog is pretty much supporting the company.  What do you guys think?

Also, the wonderful, fabulous Jasmine of High Voltage Cosmetics was recently trying to get rid of a bunch of her NYX eyeshadows (this was also before The Great NYX Customer Service Fail of 2011) and she offered them for free, just had to pay shipping.  Super nice of her right?  Here they are:

Pretty much over night I have tons of NYX products.  Do you guys think I should review/swatch/use on the blog or not?  Ugh, why did they have to be such buttholes?  Why couldn't NYX just have handled it in decent way so I wouldn't be feeling like this right now.  Ah, the miseries of first world problems, amirite?


  1. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be the right thing, regardless. Maybe, if you do review them, link back to this post within the review posts?

  2. i don't think you should stop using them, because like you said, you paid for it and it is good product. however bad the customer service is doesn't change the product.
    maybe you could just have a disclaimer when you use it if you feel strongly about not promoting them.

  3. @ Vijaya, Thamk you! That's a good idea too, I'll do that if/when I post about them

    @ Rebecca- Yeah, I think a disclaimer would work. Thank you for you comment, I feel better about it now. :)

  4. I think a disclaimer about the drama is fine. I mean, it's the first drama I've been witness to since I started blogging (my friends warned me about other drama, but I wasn't here for it so I didn't so much feel effected) and I'll still use my Nyx products. Milk is useful, I enjoy the large pencils, etc. I've *never* used their website. I always get mine from Ulta. So if I didn't know about the whole online fiasco, I wouldn't know. I guess it depends on your comfort level. And whether or not you feel the horrible online customer service ruins a product for you completely. (I literally would have never known without the blogs).

    I guess tl:dr all companies can have bad days. At least they're not product testing on cute baby ducklings or using pigments that will ruin my skin. It depends on your personal line. Mine is ducklings not bad days. ;)

  5. @ GenkiOriana- You are so right. Thank you for putting it into perspective. There are definitely worse companies out there, and if they continue to provide such terrible customer service, they probably won't last that long. I'm with you about the ducklings! And now I have to go look at pictures of baby ducks just because you brought them up, haha.

  6. I think you should still swatch and review them. I think if you like the products, then you like the products even if the company has pissed off some people. I think we should all be entitled to our opinions, and if you had a good customer service experience with Cherry Culture and you enjoy your haul, then you should use it!

  7. @ Vulcan Butterfly- Thank you for that. I want to swatch them and use them, but I was just afraid that everyone wouldn't want to see it. :)

  8. I went through the drama with Sleek MakeUP... I hated it but I couldn't part of their products. Worse thing was, the only place for me to get them was online directly from them. I didn't like supporting such a company with horrible customer service but in the end I caved in and tried to forget it. I stil ltalk about that massive fail a lot though but it doesn't stop me from using their beautiful products.

    ... I'm also a huge fan of NYX... in face NYX was my first brand I go to for everything then came Sleek MakeUP so you can see how hard it was for me to give up my two favourite brands.

    When the drama unfolded with NYX, I sat in disbelief... how could a company do that to their customers? Fail $1.20 Sale, then Fail50% off sale then a price increase. It was all very fishy but I just could not bring myself to stop loving my NYX things, my collection actually 80% NYX!

    Although, I did not experience that sale myself since I'm not american and I've only ever purchase stuff from Cherry Culture. I'm actually afraid to write any more reviews about them incase other women would rage at me because of the hours they put into it and then was spat at.

    I still ask myself if I should follow the mob and hate on them because you know how much damage an angry mob would do... or be myself and get rotten fruits thrown at.


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