Friday, May 6, 2011

EOTD: Overly Dramatic

I want to start out by saying that I am way too chicken caca (like how I softened the phrase up a bit?) to wear this look in public (I just wore it around the house, haha).  I'm slowly working my way up to wearing more bold looks out and about but I'm not quite to this level yet.  Plus I don't really know what I'm doing so I haven't really figured out how to do this look in the most flattering way.  The first time I tried I ended up with shadow over my whole eye area, up to my eye brow.  It looked like a big gross blob of color.  I'm okay at picking colors to go together, I just can figure out where and what shape to put them on my lid.

So I'll subject you to my attempt.  If you have any suggestions for me I would really appreciate them 'cuz I'm a complete noob at doing eye looks more complicated than "light color on the lid, darker color in the crease".

First I  colored my whole lid with MAC Greasepaint Stick in French Quarter. I then applied Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy over French Quarter.  I used Essence Muse Marilyn (part of the LE Whoom Booom collection) on lower part of lid.  I then used Essence's Chacalaca (also part of Whoom Booom; terrible name, I know) in the crease and below the lower lash line. To give it a little sparkle I used Persephone Minerals' Moon Crystal Power over whole lid and on brown bone. I then lined my upper lashes with MAC Superslick Liquid liner in Smokey Heir and patted Moon Crystal Power on top. Urban Decay's Perversion is on the waterline.

And here is a bonus Lip of the Day I also wore around the house, but only because I didn't have anywhere to go and I was feelin' a bit sassy. Haha.

This is Tarte PureOptic lipgloss in Golden Pink on top of Wet n Wild lipstick in 511B.

I'm not even sure I'm brave enough to wear bright pink sparkly lips out of the house yet either, but I'm working on it.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Purples look great with your eye color! See, I would totally have no prob wearing this look outside in the real world....BUT if I put on anything darker than a SUPER sheer gloss on my lips- ANXIETY!! ha

  2. That's really pretty. I think it was genius to put the Persephone shade over the whole look on the eye. If I wear bold looks, I get nervous, but then I realize when I see bold looks on women I am impressed, so I get a little more confident and finally say, "Oh who cares" lol.

  3. I love it and think it looks great. I've wore stuff like this out. I don't care what others think :D

  4. @shimmer- I showed this picture to my boyfriend and he said it looked like I had a black eye. I guess I made a face or something because he quickly added, " A very PRETTY black eye." Lol!

    @Baroque- You are totally right! I always admire women who wear unique eye shadow or outside the "norm".

    @TrailerHood Chic- Oh, I don't care what people think. Its just that I'm not used to seeing myself in bold makeup so it just looks weird to me. Its just going to take a little getting used to.

  5. Your title is an oxymoron: No such thing as overly dramatic. ;)

  6. @Vijaya- I'm not so sure about that. Have you ever seen Mexican novelas (soap operas)? :-D

  7. lawd have mercy, that lip combi is DIVINE! great look, jessi!

  8. This looks absolutely gorgeous with your eyes and that lip color is amazing. Btw, you look like you have really nice teeth. :)

    And lol at the comment you made about Mexican Novelas....haha. Being Mexican and watching novelas, they are definitely over dramatic.

    I don't really notice it while I'm watching them, but every once in a while, I'll have it on E! and that show The Soup comes on and shows me how truly over dramatic Novelas are. =>

  9. I think you could totally wear this out of the house! Because you've not taken the colour really far up the browbone, it's not like you're wearing tons of makeup, just a dark colour, you know? Love the lip combo too, that's killer!

  10. @Dani- Hahaha, thanks so much!

    @frugalspender- I actually don't have really nice, but at least they look that way in pictures! The flash makes them look whiter than they are. Also, I don't speak Spanish so I don't really understand the Novelas but I sometimes watch them anyway because they're entertaining!

    @Robyn- Oh man Robyn, you should have seen it before I fixed it. I looked like a drag queen that got caught it a bar fight. and thanks for the encouragement! :)


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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