Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Swatches and Review

I have a very long "to try" list of indie makeup companies.  Kiss My Sass (formerly Suds n Sass) is one of the first I've bought from off that list.  I'm really glad I did!
Before I get to the pictures, I just wanted to mention that I LOVE the website.  There isn't one thing I would complain about or would change to make it work better. It's really professional looking and has all the same features of the websites of bigger, non-indie brands.  My favorite feature is that you can log in and see the status of your order and whether it has shipped or not and what the tracking number is if it has.  I wish all indie web stores had this!

Everything came in this cute bag and she also included a personal handwritten note, which was a nice touch.

I ordered 7 eyeshadow samples in jars and 2 custom Lip Glazes.  I received free samples of Pink Swear eyeshadow and Red Velvet Jelly Balm.

 I love the labels and the jars.  They look very professional.  Everything, even the samples, has a plastic safety band thingy (I totally forgot what they are called!).

The bottom labels are equally as impressive as the top. They say what the product is, how much product is in the jar. If it's a sample it says "SAMPLE" instead of the amount.  It then says the name of the shade followed by the flavor (if it is a lip product). What is really impressive is that insteado having a "may contain" each product has their own specific ingredient label. At the bottom the labels list what applications they are safe for (lip, all, etc) and whether they are vegan or not.  Around the edge is the company's website, email address, city, and zip code.  That's a lot of information for one label!

In addition to the safety seal, each jar has a sticker over the sifter.  Oh, and the sifters!  I thought it was pretty neat that even the sample shadows came with sifters.

The colors are from left- Get Ur Freak On, Metamorphosis, Meteor, Reign Over Me, Sleepy Hollow, Spellbound, Tea Rose, and Pinky Swear

The top row of swatches are dry over bare skin.  The bottom row are patted over Pixie Epoxy.  All except Pinky Swear that is.  Mattes don't look that great over PE.

From the left- Get Ur Freak On, Metamorphosis, Meteor, Reign Over Me
From the left- Sleepy Hollow, Spellbound, Tea Rose, and Pinky Swear
 I love ALL of these colors, even the matte, which usually isn't my thing.  I can't wait to order some more.

From left- Peach Petal Custom Lip Glaze, Sugared Violets Custom Lip Glaze, and Red Velvet Jelly Balm
From left- Peach Petal Custom Lip Glaze, Sugared Violets Custom Lip Glaze, and Red Velvet Jelly Balm
From left- Peach Petal Custom Lip Glaze, Sugared Violets Custom Lip Glaze, and Red Velvet Jelly Balm
 For the custom Lip Glazes you pick any eye shadow or blush from the shop, or a combination of them, and they will make them into a custom gloss.  You can choose the name, if you want extra sparkles and what color, a hilite/sheen and what color, and the flavor of your gloss.  There are 8 sparkle colors to choose from, 7 sheen colors, and 21 flavors.  The only thing I wish is that there was an option for unflavored.

From left- Peach Petal Custom Lip Glaze, Sugared Violets Custom Lip Glaze, and Red Velvet Jelly Balm
I really like the colors I got, I just have a few issues.  First, the texture of the Lip Glazes is REALLY thick.  I like thick glosses, but not when it impedes the application and the way it wears.  These feel... gloopy... on my lips and I had a really hard time evening them out on my lips, especially Peach Petal.  Sugared Violets applied slightly better.  And then the gloss had a tendency to build up in the corners and inside of my lips.  It was weird, I have never had that happen with a gloss before.  I don't find these particularly sticky, just extremely thick.  Second, I wish these were in a lip gloss tube with a wand applicator instead of a jar.  Kiss My Sass does have glosses with a different formula in tubes and I'm guessing they wanted to keep these two products distinct from each other.  But I just think these would work a lot better in a tube.  For their credit, they do claim the Lip Glazes are thick, and I don't mind it, but it just feels like you can't even rub your lips together or it will all squish to the corners.  That was even applying the thinnest coat I could manage.

I LOVE the Jelly Balm formula.  It feels emollient and moisturizing, like a really good balm, but glossier.  I just really don't like lip products in jars, but this one goes a little better.  I wish it was in a traditional lip balm style packaging, but the formula may be too soft the keep it's shape in a tube.

Peach Petal Custom Lip Glaze
This is a mix of Kiss My Sass' Blossom and Zinnia matte eyeshadows with not extra sparkle or sheen.  The scent I chose is honey, and while a bit strong for me, it does smell exactly like honey.  The smell is a dupe for Urban Decay's new honey lip glosses.

You can sort of see where the gloss is gooping towards the inside of my upper lip.

Sugared Violets Custom Lip Glaze
This color is made with their Cotton Candy blush and violet sheen added.

Red Velvet Jelly Balm

So would I order from Kiss My Sass again?  Most definitely.  I love the eyeshadows and the Jelly Balm. I want to try her lip glosses in the tubes next.  I wish she offered custom colors with those because I really liked the colors I picked for the glazes.  I want to try the blushes also.

The eyeshadows are here and come in 55 shades. The sample baggies hold 1/8th tsp and are $1.50. Sample jars hold 1/4 tsp and are $2.50. 5 gram jars are $6 and 10 gram jars are $10.

The custom Lip Glazes are here and come in a 5 gram jar for $7 and a 10 gram jar for $10. (Regular Lip Glazes are $6 and $9).

Jelly Balms are here are a 5 grams jar is $6 and a 10 gram jar is $9.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Sleepy Hollow looks great and I love the custom gloss idea! Everything looks really pretty and professional - I like!

  2. Sugared violets is gorgeous! And I love how it all comes with the sifters/plastic covers. I'll have to check them out :)

  3. I have sleepy Hollow, too! I have so much review fodder, I've stopped purchasing for the time being, though I am thinking about putting through just one more purchase from KMS.

  4. Great review! After reading your review I have added a "No Thanks" to the flavor drop-down menu (it was there before but somehow was deleted).

    As far as the Lip Glaze, you will most likely enjoy the Lip Gloss much better. It's a thinner version & comes in a tube. Oh and Custom Lip Glosses were just added a few days ago!

    Glad you liked the shadows : )

  5. great review!! awesome shades, specially the lip products! They look amazing on you

  6. Haven't tried this brand yet, but I think I may have to now! Their eyeshadows look just fabulous, and I'm loving the Lip Glaze! That's pretty awesome that you can even order custom lip colours! Great review!


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