Thursday, June 2, 2011

My May 2011 Favorites

May was a pretty good month for me.  Mostly because I got to spend a week and a half with my family.  I don't get to see them often enough as they live 5 hours away, and when I do it's usually only for the weekend.  I would give (almost) anything to live near them.  But I think I've mentioned before, my boyfriend has a great job that he loves here and I'm not that much of a selfish beeyotch to try and take him away from that. 

May was also my month for exploring indie makeup companies.  I ordered from 5 that I haven't ordered from before and posted about 3 of them (the 4th and 5th ones are coming soon!).  Usually I hate ordering online because products and companies can be hit or miss, but I LOVE all the indie companies I have tried and would definitely order from them again.

My favorites from May were:
  • Twilight Woods body spray from Bath and Body Works- I'm not a huge Bath and Body works fan. I lot of their scents are too synthetic smelling to me and their lotions and creams aren't my favorite formula.  But I got this body spray as a gift and I really love the smell.  I even keep it in my purse to keep the stinkies at bay.
  • MAC Imperial Flower nail polish- I had this polish for months before I finally wore.  I can't believe I forgot about it.  Orange is my new obsession.
  • Sleek Pan Tao blush- Once again, orange is my new obsession.  I love this blush.  It's super pigmented and you only need a little, but I find that it works really well even on my pasty, pale skin.
  • Detrivore Cosmetics Brine eyeshadow- Perhaps my favorite teal/aqua eyeshadows ever. It is extremely pigmented, too.
  • Kiss My Sass Metamorphosis eyeshadow- This a beautiful bright blue with copper sparkles.  It is really unique.
  • High Voltage Rising Star eyeshadow- It was hard to pick just one eyeshadow from High Voltage. I love all the ones I tried, but this purple stood out because I don't have anything else like it.
  • Physician's Formula CircleRX concealer- I wear this concealer every time I wear makeup.  I have several others but they have all been pushed to the side in favor of this one.
  • Estee Lauder Pink Teal ShadowStick Duo- This may be one of my favorite purchases EVER. I love how I don't need to wear primer with it and the pencil form makes it so convenient.

Here are a few other things I obsessed over in May.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was on my favorites list for last month, but this one is different.  I bought the first four books and now I'm obsessed!  I even talked my boyfriend into reading them when I'm done and I don't think he has read any books since "Hank the Cowdog" books back in elementary school.  Haha, I barely noticed my dog somehow snuck into the picture.

Laser Tag

Image credit-
Every time I'm in Austin we have to go play laser tag.  The place we go is 10,000 sq ft, is the largest laser tag place in Texas and is basically a 3 story maze.  I don't even care for shooting games, but this is so fun for some reason.  Like 30 people play at once and they usually have teams and you can recognize your teammates by the lights on their vests.  I have slow reaction time so I'm not the best, but I could play for hours!

Journey- Separate Ways music video

This music video cracks me up every time.  It is lowest budget video I have ever seen from a major band.  One person said the most expensive part of this video was paying the gas for the van that drives by around the 1:36 mark.  Bad lip synching, awkward jerky movements, no budget, and 80's trashtastic wardrobes makes for a LOL-tastic experience.  I have to admit, I do love the song, though.

Thanks for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Great favs! I really want to try Sleek cosmetics but don't want to pay for shipping.

    My husband I watch the Game of Thrones series on HBO and we are really liking it. How are the books?

  2. I absolutely have to get these books that so many people are raving about! =D

  3. I wish we had laser tag places that were half as cool looking as your image. I also remember your review on the Estee stick. I still have to try it out sometime. The HBO series is AWESOME. I read the first book because of it and need to pick up the rest. I have my favorite character (the Khalisi-- Daernys....something) and Stark's feisty daughter (I can't remember her name, Arynn? Arym? God I'm awful!) People I want to die: Jeffrey (or Jeoffrey?) This is what TV does to me. It steals names. ;) But yeah, good series!!

  4. @Danielle- Yeah, the shipping is pretty steep. But I think even with the shipping the products still come out to be less than buying makeup from our drugstores would be. Plus, the quality is better than 90% of what we have here.

    @Vijaya- Yes! You need to! I 'm really curious to hear what you think about them.

    @GenkiOriana- I wish that laser tag place was closer than 5 hours away from me, too! I would be there all the time. Oooh, yes, you really do need to get the other books. I'm on the second one now and lets just say that the character you love you will love even more, and the ones you hate you will hate even more, too!

  5. That Imperial Flower nail polish is calling to me.........I love the laser tag pictures! It's so much fun!


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