Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Walmart Purchases

I hate shopping in the cosmetics aisles at Walmart.  They rarely restock and the little that is there is strewn about and used (gross).  But, it's the only place to buy Hard Candy makeup.  Wendi from Makeup Zombie posted a picture of an awesome lippie from Hard Candy and it made me immediately drop everything and head to Walmart.  I went to two Walmarts and didn't find the lippie that she posted about, but I did pick up a few other things.  Including nail polish.  I ALWAYS have to buy nail polish.  I don't even know how there are still colors out there I have yet to buy.

I bought 3 petites nail polishes (that purple glitter in the middle is freakin fantabulous looking), the silver Sally Hansen crackle, one huge honkin' lipgloss with flakies from Hard Candy, 2 Hard Candy lip pencils, and a Milani lipgloss.  Not sure why I bought the Milani gloss.  It's virtually sheer and it smells like tongue depressors from the doctor's office. Oh, and that big thing on the left?  I finally got a mirror! I put my makeup on at my desk since the lighting in both my bathrooms is crapola, and I've been using a crappy mirror from an eyeshadow palette for months.

Here is a random picture for you because I hate just having one picture in a post.  This is the picture I have hanging over my desk.  I don't know who the artist is or anything about it really, but my best friend's dad owns a print shop and he had a bunch of prints and posters that he was just going to throw away.  I still have a bunch to frame but I have some really cool ones.  One of my favorites is a Primus poster advertising a show with a robot wearing a moustache and a sign that says "Free Moustache Rides".  I'll have to show you guys some more sometime.

Weird picture, huh?  I think that's why I like it. :)

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I love Crackle, but I don't like Sally Hansen. Will you be reviewing the Silver crackle?

  2. @Vijaya- I'm going to paint it over my existing mani tonight. I'll probably post it on Sunday. I've been wanting a silver crackle and this one was a few bucks cheaper than OPI's (and easier to find).

  3. I love Petites polish & the mirror is so pretty!

    I have the violet SH Crackle polish & I have to admit, I don't like it at all. Wish I would have bought to silver!

  4. That picture is great. I wish my Wal Mart sold Milani :(

  5. I wish my walmart had milani! that's so funny though I was at walmart last night and almost bought that mirror but told myself too wait till next time! how do you like it?

  6. @Melany- I'm not a huge fn of crackle, but the silver looked too cool to pass up.

    @Baroque in Babylon- The Walmart closest to me doesn't sell Milani, I had to go to a further to find it. And even then the displays are almost completely stripped bare.

    @Miranda- I love the mirror! I was using a stupid small one from an eyeshadow palette. I like how you can adjust the angle AND see your whole face in it at the same time, haha.

  7. Good to hear! I think you talked me into getting one! haha

  8. Good old Walmart, they don't ever stock their cosmetics, do they? It's quite irritating! LOL to the Milani gloss smelling like a tongue depressor, I didn't realize those had a smell to them! Also, look out for those Hard Candy lip pencils, I have some and they cause a burning sensation on my lips when I wore them! Other people commented that this happened to them as well. You should post about them when you try them out, I'd be interested to see if this is some odd reaction or if it happens to everyone!

  9. @Vulcan_Butterfly- Haha, you called it, those lip pencils burned like a mother, and NOTHING ever bothers my lips. They're pretty, but there is no way I can use them.


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