Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EOTD with Darling Girl Cosmetics

I haven't been wearing makeup most days for the past few months because I don't really see the point in wearing a full face of makeup up just to sit at home.  Although sometimes I will play around with it, but I usually remove whatever I put on right after.  So I was a bit excited to be returning to school this summer just because I would get more chances to wear makeup again, yay!  But, I seem to value my sleep more than I care about putting on makeup so as it turns out most days have been pretty minimal makeup-wise.

But one day I was determined to use my Darling Girl eyeshadows so I did.  Unfortunately I wasn't completely happy with the way my eyes turned out.  Not because of the eye shadows themselves, but because of what I layered them over.  I used a base of elf' cream shadow in Candlelight and it completely sucked up all the pretty shimmer/duochrome-ness from the eye shadows and left them looking more flat than they really are.  Needless to say I won't be using it as a base when I want super sparkly eyes (which is most of the time actually).  I really like how my lips turned out, though!  But first the eyes.

 This is a base of elf Candlelight with My Little Pony on the lid and Sparklers At Dawn in the crease.  The lower lashline is Clusterfluff over elf Candlelight.  The black liner is a felt tip pen liner by Physician's Formula.

See what I mean?  My Little Pony is actually light purple with green shimmer... and this just looks silver. And Sparklers At Dawn is a blue-leaning dark silver with lots of multi-colored sparkles and over the elf cream shadow is just looks grey.  I sort of like the look, but it completely misrepresents the actual color/sparkle of the Darling Girl shadows.  Check my swatches from here to see the colors I used more accurately.

Yay hot pink lips! This is Shy Girl Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm under Hot Mama Liquid Kiss (both by Darling Girl).

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Sucks about that base! I can still see the green in it but it stealeded the purple!

  2. That's too bad about the base, although your EOTD is still really pretty. I think I ordered a sample of My Little Pony and it looks like an awesome color!

  3. ps I have totally been in a makeup rut lately....I used to "do my face" everyday no matter what I had planned. Lately I find myself saying, "why am I going to go to the look nice for my kids?" LMAO in the end, I always do feel better if I put some on :)

  4. I actually really love the eyes - it's different and really pretty!

  5. This is really nice, I love that lip combo! And as I'm just at home the vast majority of the time I very rarely wear makeup either.

  6. I think the look is really nice! However, I looked at your swatches again and wow, did that base ever eat up the colours in the eyeshadows!


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