Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 9: Shopping my Stash for Untried Polish- Orly Luxe

As you may know, I’m 24 and still in college.  I’m only a sophomore, too.  My first attempt at going to college right out of high school didn’t go so well as I was battling some major inner demons at the time.  So a year and a half ago things finally worked out to where I could go back to school.  My incredibly awesome boyfriend is not making me work, and letting me focus just on school so I can finish faster. I’m not sure if the universe doesn’t want me to go to school or what, because at the beginning of the semester this Spring I had a medical emergency and had to drop all my classes.  This put me really behind.  

The reason I’m talking about this is because today is the first day for my summer semester classes.  And it depresses me that my hunger for school has faded.  I feel old and tired.  I know I’m not, but it’s depressing that I’ve gone this far in my life and literally accomplished nothing.  I’ll be 27 or so when I finally graduate and it feels like forever away.  I’m just ready to be done with all this.  I’ll be almost 30 before I accomplish anything major in my life!  Believe me, it’s true.  I’m not just saying it to feel sorry for myself.  It’s sad because it’s true!

Sorry guys for the mopey shit.  I try not to show it, but I can be a pretty depressing person sometimes! Anyway, let’s move on from the “poor me” crap and look at pictures of nail polish! Yay!

Here is another one that has been sitting in my Helmer for over a year. And before I got the Helmer it was sitting in a random shoebox.  I still can’t believe that I have all these amazing polishes that I’ve never used.  I guess it proves that I have way too many! (Click here to see what I've worn in previous weeks).

Orly Luxe in the sun

This was 2 coats. It was nearly opaque in 1, but I’m messy and not very careful.  I love this gold.  I have trouble wearing gold because most are too orangey or yellow and they don’t look very flattering with my skin.  Not that this stops me from wearing them.  But this one is my favorite.

Orly Luxe in the shade



  1. Going to put it out there that most people haven't done anything by the time they're 27 whether they've been to college or not! You're working hard and doing it at your age just proves you really want it. Age is only a number, bla bla bla.

  2. I love Luxe! It works really well for stamping too!

  3. @Robyn- Thank you for that ma'am.

    @Amber- I have a crappy stamping set from Essence and plates from Bundle Monster so I'll have to try it!

  4. I feel your pain about going to school. I just finished because after my first four year course, I decided I wanted to do something else, so that was another four years. I feel old and tired too, I just want to get on with my life, you know? Also, don't worry about the age thing, what matters is that you're happy with what you chose in life, not at what age you do it! :)
    Anyway, this nail polish is awesome! It looks especially nice in the sun.

  5. #1, that color is awesome

    #2, Don't be so down on yourself. Everyone feels that way at some point. "Late Bloomers" have lots of advantages though! Also, if you are a good person ( are), then everyday you are accomplishing something! Keep on truckin'! <3

  6. @Vijaya- I love it. I'm still wearing it and don't want to take it off and it's been like 6 days which is forever for me.

    @Vulcan_Butterfly- Good for you for going back for what you really wanted. I'm not even sure what I really want to, but I have to choose something! I'm just afraid I'll hate it and freak out. But thank you. I know it's an old tired cliche, but life really is about the journey and I should stop focusing so much on the destination.

    @Charlotte Sparkle- It is! You should get it! :)

    @Shimmer- I loooove this polish. It moves up into my ever-shanging favorites list. Thank you so much! I just have to be patient and take things one day at a time. It's easier on myself if I just set short-term goals, but sometimes I forget!

  7. I think the most important thing is that you dealt with your personal issues and were able to move on successfully. That's an incredible feat by itself! I've always believed going to school is a great thing, no matter how old someone is.
    I love love this polish! It looks stunning on you. :)

  8. Whoa. Gold.

    And school: I think it's awesome you're going back and doing what you want to do. Age is such a relative thing. Some people do it all early, some people take their time. What does it matter when we'll have 70 some odd years (God willing) on this planet if you're in college longer or older than others? As a high school teacher I practically praise college to ALL students (my state tells me I have to). I don't think college is the answer for every student, but I'm told to sell college or it makes our school look bad. What does that say about kids who go to college, wrack up debt, and don't necessarily belong there?

    You're an awesome person and you're doing wonderfully. Age doesn't mean squat. Success is what YOU want it to be :)

    Have a good Wednesday & sorry for the cheese.

  9. @Steph- You are so right. I have come a long way from the miserable sack of a person I used to be! :)

    @GenkiOriana- Thank you so much for this. I feel better about the whole situation now. Everyone's kind words definitely helped put it all in perspective. And you're right that college isn't for everyone. My boyfriend toiled in college for years before he finally gave up when he got his dream job. He's a firefighter now and he's way happier doing that than he would be doing what he planned to do if he got his degree. Thank you for the cheese, it makes me happy and it tastes delicious too! :-D


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