Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bright Summery Nails with L'Oreal's Summer Siren Nail Polishes! Wth Swatches!

Okay, this post starts off kind of boring so you can just skip to the pictures if you want!

Anyone else avoid going to the doctor at all costs?  I’m not afraid of going, I’m just afraid to know what’s wrong with me, haha.  I would rather just ignore my problems and hope they go away.  Plus, medical bills are expensive, even with insurance.  This is still my mindset about medical issues, even though being this way has gotten me in a lot of trouble in the past. In my emergency surgery back in February I ended up having to get way more invasive surgery when it could have just been laproscopically in a tiny incision because I waited to go to the doctor too long.  Silly me, you think I would have learned my lesson.

It’s been 4 months since my surgery and I should be recovered, but I’m having some issues.  And of course I haven’t been back to the doctor.  For anyone who has had surgery I have a question.  My incision was in my lower torso area and of course anytime you’re cut like that you’ll have nerve damage but mine feels bad.  My whole abdomen feels numb and overly sensitive at the same time.  I can barely touch it.  Also out of nowhere it will feel like it’s on fire.  I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this after surgery?  I guess it has only been 4 months since, but it is getting really annoying.  I know I should go to the doctor, but I dooooooooon’t waaaanna.

Sorry for the rambling! 

I picked these polishes up from my local grocery store when they were having a sale on L’Oreal.  These are limited edition and part of L’Oreal’s summer collection- Summer Siren.  They are the most exciting drugstore polishes I have seen in awhile so I couldn’t stop myself from buying them.

These are all swatches with no base or top coats.  I used 4 coats on all of these.  They are a bit sheer, but they dry quickly and 4 coats wasn't really a hassle at all.  They would also looked nice over a similarly colored base.

L'Oreal Yellow Seahorse in the sun
L'Oreal Yellow Seahorse in the shade
L'Oreal Coral Starfish in the sun
L'Oreal Coral Starfish in the shade
L'Oreal Pink Shells in the sun
L'Oreal Pink Shells in the shade
L'Oreal Blue Marine in the sun
L'Oreal Blue Marine in the shade

These are from a limited edition collection so they have their own displays.  Just look where your drugstores normally carry the limited edition collections, though not all drugstores choose to put them up.  I can't remember how much these polishes were and I can't find it online, but probably around $4. 

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I really dig the coral. And I haven't tried Loreal nail polishes yet. Hmmmmmmm! :)

  2. Pretty....I always walk by this display and it catches my eye each time. I don't know what I am waiting for!

    ALso, I've had all my kids by c-section, so I am very familiar with being cut in the lower abdomen. While I think the numbness is totally normal (heck I don't think I will every having feeling there again!) I would be concerned with the burning sensation. Is it constant? I remember having that "fire" feeling sporatically in the months after surgery but it would be in flashes and then subside. It would happen if I pushed myself too much (lugging laundry baskets, etc).

  3. @GenkiOriana- If you're going to try any Loreal polishes it should be these! I was pretty impressed with them.

    @Maribeth- Hey, you're Maribeth now! :) My incision was the same I think, as a C-section incision, although for a different purpose. I guess it has only been 4 months so I guess it isn't too unusual. I'll just give it a little more time and if it doesn't start get better I'll go back to the doctor. Thanks for telling me about your experiences, it makes me feel better!

  4. About your condition is doesn't sound right-- I've had surgery on my breast to remove tumors, which was a small incision probably nothing compared to yours. *but I'm using that as a connection. After the surgery I was sore and tender for about a month. Anyways, its always best to follow-up with your doctor after surgery so they can see that everything it okay.

    or maybe you can called your doctor first, explain how you are feeling, but most likely they will tell you to come in.


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