Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Milani Holo Nail Polishes

I think Milani has the only holographic polishes that are available at the drugstore.  Sure there are a few others with holo glitter, but that doesn't count.  While these may not have the strongest holo effect, they are still holo, and of course that means that I had to have them.  I have three right now, but plan on picking up the rest when I get the chance.
Sorry for not much chatter today, I have an exam on Friday that I need to study for!

These are all swatched with no base or tops coats.  This was 2 coats of each color.

Milani Cyberspace in the sun
Milani Cyberspace in the shade
Milani 3D in the sun
This one probably had the least holo effect.  It still was more than this picture shows.

Milani 3D in the shade
Milani Hi-Tech in the sun
Milani Hi-Tech in the shade
  • These retail for $4.99 and are available in drugstores where Milani is sold or on Milani's website.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. High Tech is awesome! Holo glitter, yay!

  2. I already have Digital from this range but I need Cyberspace and Hi-Tech! Thanks for the swatches and good luck for your exam :)

  3. Love the Gold! It's so pretty :)

  4. So pretty! I love them all. Might have to get one of them. I've been trying not to buy more polish as my polish shoe box holder is exploding with product. Not going so well so far... lol

  5. I love these. They look really nice. Thanks for the swatches.

  6. @Carla- Me too, it's gorgeous!

    @Robyn- The green one seemed to have the most holo effect, so of course i like it the best!

    @Sweet As Honey- Ooo, I need to buy the purple one now!

    @LeonaCarolina- I think I need to get them all, haha! And thanks for the luck!

    @Lera- I think it's my favorite gold polish!

    @Cassykins- If your sotarge is getting too small it just means you need to buy something bigger! And more nail polish, haha.

    @frugalspender- You're welcome! If you don't already have some of these you should try them!

  7. I think HI-Tech and the purple one (I forget the name) have the highest holo effect. I was really disappointed when I tried 3D. I didn't get much holo. Sadness.

  8. I have all of them and I am not a fan of their formula. But I don't mind it too much now that I'm using Poshe topcoat. I'm actually wearing the pink one right now.

  9. those nail lacquers are just so beautiful! I wonder why Milani is not sold here

  10. Uh, Hi-Tech I mean! I didn't even realize that Milani sold nail polish!


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