Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Polish in Fractured Foil Swatches and Review

I was hoping to get pictures of a few more manis with this crackle polish before making a post about it, but I'm still lamenting the loss of my nail on my swatching hand and refuse to take pictures of it.
I had heard that the Sally Hansen crackle polishes didn't "crack" as well as other brands, but I was actually impressed with it. I have the black OPI crackle and the formula is disgusting- it's like tar.  I still wasn't sold on the whole crackle thing even after I bought the black one, but the silver has finally pulled me in.

When I bought the crackle polish I was wearing Orly Luxe, a pale cool gold.  I was worried that there wouldn't be enough contrast for the crackle to show up, but I had to use it anyway.

Sally Hansen Fractured Foil over Orly Luxe in the sun
Next time I will use a darker gold, but I still think the effect is pretty cool.

Sally Hansen Fractured Foil over Orly Luxe in the shade
in the sun
For this mani I used two different blue cremes from Models Own.  The darker blue is called Betty Blue and the lighter one is called Top Turquoise.I think I messed up with my index finger because i don't think the polish was dry enough when I painted the crackle over it.

in the shade

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. :O I love it with the gold! Awesome sauce!

  2. Oooh it looks so cool with the gold! I love how big the chunks of crackle are too!

  3. Orly's Luxe looks a lot like Chanel's Kaleidoscope (which I'm wearing).

  4. Sweet! I love the silver/gold combo. I just picked up Silver SHatter this weekend and can't wait to try it. No wonder my nails try to revolt on me, I change my nail polish (or peel it ;-) every other day!

  5. @Robyn- Thanks man! I'm going to try a darker gold next time.

    @Lillian- Yeah, I actually thought this one crackled pretty well. I think I prefer the shimmery/metallic crackle polishes versus the creme ones.

    @Vijaya- I actually don't have any Chanel polishes! I just can never justify the price.

    @Maribeth- I think that is what happened to my nails. All of a sudden they are dry, peely, and chip easily. I was swatching a lot of nail polishes one after another and I think it wreaked havoc on my nails.


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