Thursday, September 15, 2011

Supernova Goes POP!

Okay, so I was bored this weekend and decided to play with makeup and take weird pictures. I planned on doing both my eyes, but it took me 40 minutes to get ONE eye the way I wanted it, so when I went to take pictures I covered the other eye with my hair and pretended it was an artistic decision, not that I got lazy. So just pretend along with me mkay? Oh, and sorry for the random title; I was listening to some Powerman 5000 for nostalgia purposes and the song is stuck in my head. Does anyone remember When Worlds Collide from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2? One of the best Tony Hawk games, imo. Haha, I'm such a dork. A dork who takes weird pictures of herself. You have been warned. Feel free to laugh. I showed my boyfriend fully expecting him to make fun of me, but when pressed he just said, "Well, that picture is a bit weird." Haha.

So here I am in all my weirdness!

The following things I used are from Evil Shades. The lipstick is Devilista. The blush is Skon (which is really too dark for me and make my cheeks look dirty, but it works with this look). The red eyeshadow is Heartless Queen. The black eyeshadows were Urban Decay's Creep and Gunmetal and I also used their Perversion eyeliner to tightline and on my waterline.

Now some eyeball pictures! I'm rather proud of this. It took me forever and I'll never do it again because it was a pain in the ass. Sorry for the random hairs in the pictures!

Here you can see Skon on my cheeks pretty well. It doesn't really work as a blush for me (the pinkness you see under the grey is my natural cheek color), but it is gorgeous as an eyeshadow. I just have a sample but I think I need a full size to use on my eyes!

As I mentioned, I did this because I  was bored. This look is already a bit over the top from what I normally wear. not that I wouldn't wear it, it just took me too damn long and I'm lazy. But I decided to take it even further and turn myself into a chola. If you don't know what a chola is, here is a picture of Sandra Bullock as a chola-

from the George Lopez Show

The full face pictures didn't come out right, but basically all I did was add some black on the outer parts of my lips and color my eyebrows in thick and black. It was chola-riffic!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Gorgeous! I really like the chola addition to the lips! And I do one eye all the time when I'm playing around.

    Skon doesn't work for me either :(

  2. Holy hot! And, I always love your "disclaimers" before your pics :) I'd like to add that (in my professional opinion ;-) ) your eye makeup techniques are becoming exceptional! You've always done great, but I've noticed that your blending, etc has blossomed the last few posts you've done with eye stuff! LMFAO at "chola" lips ;-) Keep on rockin'!

  3. This would be really cool for Halloween!

  4. @Ana_515- I've never actually seen True Bllod! bad, I know!

    @Robyn- I need to do chola makeup and go out in public. The area i live in is like 95% Hispanic, so it would be really funny to see a white girl dressed as a chola.

    @Amanda- Thank you!

    @Maribeth- Thank you! The one eye took me forever to do, so I don't know that I'm getting better, just that I had a lot of time on my hands. And I HAVE to do the disclaimers. I have to lower everyone's expectations first, haha!

    @Chris- That's a good idea! I haven't done anything for Halloween in forever!

  5. I think this is my favourite look you've ever done! You looks stunning, really vampy :)

  6. What a shame you're refusing to do this look again because it's amazing! Love red eyeshadow.

  7. Only one word for this look & it is sexy!! You look totally gorgeous. Devilista looks stunning on you! :D

  8. Oh man, this look is HOT. I love everything about the eyes, and I need Devilista now. :D

  9. AWESOME!!!! I like Skon on you, actually. Also, I am quite fond of the PM5K reference. I bought that CD when I was 15 years old and I played Tony Hawk's PRo Skater all the time!! Life was awesome then....


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