Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Impressions of Aromaleigh's Eyeshadows and Swatches

I didn't become obsessed with makeup until Aromaleigh was already closing. I considered ordering several times before they did close, but never pulled the trigger.  So recently when I found out the the owner was selling some left over stock on her blog I decided to place an order. This isn't so much a review, as just swatches and general observations. If you want to order some eyeshadow I suggest you do it quickly as this is the last chance and the owner doesn't guarantee how long she will be selling them.

The eyeshadows were $4 each for full sizes and I bought 6 of them. I thought shipping was a little at at $5.98 for a regular bubble mailer. The packaging is cute. I wish that I had bought more from them back when they were still open.

I think the colors are vary different from the swatches she has on her blog. Even the brighter colors in the middle seem somewhat washed out. I was expecting more vibrancy and saturation. The eyeshadows themselves are pretty complex and I'll enjoy wearing them, but I'm not blown away like I was expecting to be. Maybe my expectations were just set too high.

The two eyeshadow from the Mythos collection, Asteria and Theia, were fairly gritty and had a bit of fall out even over a sticky base. Oh, and all of these need a sticky base to stand out. I felt they were rather ordinary otherwise.

As I usually do, the top row is swatched dry over bare skin and the bottom row is over a sticky base.

From left- Azimuth (Astronomical), Blueshift (Astronomical), Asteria (Mythos), Theia (Mythos), Aparecium (Spells), Silencio (Spells)
From left- Azimuth (Astronomical), Blueshift (Astronomical), Asteria (Mythos), Theia (Mythos), Aparecium (Spells), Silencio (Spells)
From left- Azimuth (Astronomical), Blueshift (Astronomical), Asteria (Mythos)
From left- Theia (Mythos), Aparecium (Spells), Silencio (Spells)

So what do you guys think? Do you have anything from Aromaleigh and what do you think of it?

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. She was the first company I ever ordered makeup from and as such will have a wicked special place in my heart. A lot of it is a bit too glittery for me now, though, so while I was like "oooh I could order," I'm not going to. Also: since then I've ordered from Shiro and their sample sizes are dramatically different. Shiro really gives you a ton and Aromaleigh didn't so much.

    I have a few of her full sizes here and there but I prefer palettes for ease so I rarely use them. Palettes are one of the reasons I haven't done samples or indie companies in a while. I'm just too lazy ;)

  2. OMGosh! Thanks for the head's up. I am ordering some now (even though the ONE I really wanted is already sold out).

  3. They're not as pigmented as I hoped they would be. :/

  4. I purchased 19 AL eyeshadows a few weeks ago, and just placed my second and probably final order for another 12. So...yep, I love Aromaleigh. xD

    I also found out about her when she was going out of business. I believe Aromaleigh was my first indie purchase! I wasn't able to get everything I wanted back then so I made sure to take advantage when she came back.

  5. I think I may be misreading this... but was shipping really $45.98 or was that the total order after shipping costs were added?? :-x

    "I thought shipping was a little at at 45.98 for a regular bubble mailer."

  6. @GenkiOriana- They are pretty glittery. I don't mind glittery the way it looks, I just hate fallout. And I'm with you on the palettes. I mostly use them just because it's easier. Plus I'm bad at color combinations so it's easy to just use what is in the palette. Believe it or not I've never tried Shiro. I probably should!

    @Megan- You're welcome! Yeah, there were a few I was interested in that were already sold out. You should throw a few makeup posts on your blog!

    @Chris- Yeah, I like them, but they aren't the best indie eyeshadows I've tried. Maybe my expectations were too high.

    @Judikins- Wow! Oh course you'll have to post swatches! My first indie purchase was Fyrinnae. Both equaly idolized I think!

    @Mandy- Sorry about that, I meant to type a $ instead of 4! $6 is a lot better than $46, haha!

  7. Such amazing colours. I was late to the party with Aromaleigh. I only ever managed to do one order (for a truckload of samples, admittedly) before she stopped accepting international orders. Now I'll never have a full-size Concrete Jungle. That makes me sad.

  8. Oh man, Asteria looks lovely! Well they all do, but that one in particular appeals to me :)

  9. I had actually never ordered from Aromaleigh before as nothing really ever grabbed my attention. These certainly look awesome over a sticky base!


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