Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random NOTD: OPI Tease-y Does It

Only once in my life have I bought an entire nail polish collection and that was OPI's Burlesque collection last winter. I loved the glitters and and the foils and the duochromes! It is one of my favorite collections of all time. OF ALL TIME! ;-)

OPI Tease-y Does It in the sun
One of my favorite polishes from the collection is Tease-y Does It. It has a terrible name, but it's a gorgeous polish. And apparently it is very close to Nubar Raspberry Truffle and Chanel Feu De Russie. Since this one was limited edition, Raspberry Truffle might be easier to track down.

OPI Tease-y Does It in the sun
Also, this one completely changes based on the lighting. The shimmer can go from a plummy purple to coppery red to a warm caramel. Mmm, caramel... Anyway, I luff it.

OPI Tease-y Does It bottle picture
You can see all the colors in the bottle. The green rarely shows up on the nail, but you can see the other colors better depending on the lighting.

OPI Tease-y Does It taken with the flash
This picture is pretty terrible, but it was taken to show how purple it can look compared to the first two pictures above.

OPI Tease-y Does It in artificial light
This was taken under a lamp and really shows how the polish can take on the warm, golden tones.

  • If you have to have this polish, I found it here on Amazon for close to what OPI retails for.

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  1. love this polish! i only have let me entertain you from the collection though.

  2. I feel the same way about the Burlesque collection! They really did a good job with it. I ended up getting the mini sets, so that's how I got most of the colors. Tease-y Does It is one of my faves, along with The Show Must Go On.

  3. wow, sad that i missed tease-y does it! quite gorgeous

    Vonnie of

  4. I haven't worn this colour ages. I forgot how amazing it was! I'll have to give it another go.

  5. Oh my GOSH. Why did I not know of this polish when it was available?? How could I miss this polish!! Eternal sadness... I must track down Raspberry Truffle then. :-(


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