Monday, September 12, 2011

More Holographic Goodness!

I just saw the worst movie ever yesterday- Something Borrowed. Is there something fundamentally wrong with my femininity that I absolutely detest romantic comedies? This one was heavy of the eye-roll inducing romance with a dearth of the actually comedy. Thank you Jim from The Office for making it somewhat bearable. If it isn't raunchy or gory I probably don't want to see it. I would much rather watch The Hangover than The Notebook. Oh, and give me a zombie dismemberment scene any day over a "guy confesses his undying devotion to some whiny chick".  Haha, that stupid movie put me in a bad mood.

I'm currently wearing my glitter puke franken that I showed you yesterday, but I didn't have time to take pictures of it, so I'll show you an equally as awesome franken.

This is one coat over two coats of a black creme.

To make this I used 1/3 a clear glitter suspension base from TKB Trading, 2/3 Pure Ice Heart Breaker (here is a swatch of Heart Breaker over a black base coat) and a few tiny scoops of SpectraFlair holo pigment.

Using Heart Breaker instead of just clear polish as a base makes the inside edges of the holo-ness appear blue, which is why it appear blue-toned in the bottle instead of just silvery. And I couldn't catch it with my camera but in some lighting you can still see the blue/green shift from Heart Breaker.

And there ya have it. Hopefully I don't screw up my glitter puke mani so I can take pictures of it later.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. AWESOME. And definitely zombie flicks over romance movies. I like romance, but I prefer action and something that makes me think... Romances don't do that so much. ;)

  2. I'm coming to your house to steal this franken! LMAO! :P

  3. Um, this is awesome. That is all <3

    PS I feel the same way about "romantic comedies"...they are usually lame and somehow insulting. hahahaha So I don't think there is anything wrong with you!

  4. SWEEEET! I think you should sell some of these, the frankens you make are way too awesome! Also, I DO NOT/WILL NOT watch romantic comedies or "chick flicks". I just think they're stupid, annoying, and unrealistic.

  5. Stunning!!

    I LOVE John Krasinski. Whenever people ask me what my type is I always say Jim...fits perfect to a "T". Love him!

  6. Not that I like romantic "girly" movies, but I think I took all of your tolerance for tame movies. If a movie even thinks about being sexual, don't even think about showing it to me. Zombie dismemberment is a-ok, though, lol.

    LOVE the polish. You keep making me think about getting supplies to make my own, but I have so many unused polishes that are just fine as-is. I don't need to make MORE!

  7. Oh that is gorgeous! Damn you all of these posts are making me desperate for the spectraflair but it's so pricey ;__;

    I'm... mixed about romantic comedies. There are some I genuinely love but the majority of them are so ludicrous and badly written that I think they're terrible. But then again I sort of like them because they're so moronic. Bride Wars is probably the worst I've ever seen.

  8. Oh I agree Lillian Funny Face! Bride wars is horrible!!!

    I didn't hate Something Borrowed, but you're right, Jim made the movie. At least he's humorous.

  9. Romantic comedies make me want to put unsharpened pencils through my eyeballs.

    This is a very lovely, lovely franken! I've only recently discovered SpectraFlair (literally 2 days ago!), may I ask where you get yours?

    Thank you! Great blog =)

  10. Wow, thank you guys! I wish everyone could play with the stuff, it's almost impossible to mess up and make an ugly polish!

    @blkrox- You can buy it from the lady who runs this blog-

  11. Was searching everywhere for this, thank you so much Jessi! Can't wait to place an order!


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