Friday, September 2, 2011

Cult Nails Labor Day Sale

So, I'm still sick. Yay. I barely have the energy to sit at the computer, so I just have something quick for you.

I got an email from Cult Nails announcing their Labor Day sale and I thought I would pass it on to you guys. In case you haven't noticed, I love Cult Nails. I love that Maria, the owner, had this dream to start her own company and actually followed through on it. How rare is that? And you can tell she puts everything she can into making it a success, in addition to having a family AND a "regular" job. I'm not affiliated with Cult Nails at all, just a huge fan and extol their virtues every chance I get. I own every polish they have released so far!  Check here to see my previous Cult Nails posts and swatches.

Let me know if you guys buy anything. I love being an enabler! And yes, they do ship internationally and the free shipping (on orders over $60) applies to both domestic and international orders!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Do you not feel the slightest guilt at being an enabler? LOL.

    I agree with you about Maria's guts and work ethic. I want to start my own business, but the economy is in a bad state and I'm so afraid of failing. :( Maybe some day. In the meanwhile, I'll just live through Maria and order her products. :)

  2. I'd been thinking about getting Hypnotize Me anyway, so I picked up that and Living Water. Even $10/ea shipped is a little more than I like to spend on polishes, but I have been in a polish collecting mood lately and for some reason need a couple of every brand I can get a hold of


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