Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holographic Raspberry Sorbet- SpectraFlair Franken

This one was not supposed to be pink. It was supposed to be red. But it seems pretty impossible to get a true red holo using SpectraFlair as it turns all reds into pinks. I even used orange-based reds and it STILL turned pink.

This was 1 coat (!!!) with base and top coats.

I don't remember the polishes I used to make this, besides that they were all red. Oh, and as usual a few tiny scoops of SpectraFlair and some glitter suspension nail polish base.

See other SpectraFlair frankens I have posted about here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. It's still pretty! I remember Scandalous made a red holo, but I don't remember what she used.

  2. So sad that the SpectraFlair prevents you from getting a red franken, but regarless, this has such a rich pink hue it's still quite pretty. :-)

  3. Ok, that's one I'd buy. ;) ADORABLE. I love pink and am secretly (not so secretly) stoked it didn't work out as red. ;)

  4. *died everywhere*
    That is so, so beautiful!!

  5. Awesome! I think it turned out a really neat pink! You should set up a little store or something, the colours you make are very unique!


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