Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Self-Indulgence and an EOTD

Ugh, I feeling extremely uninspired when it comes to my blog lately. I'm putting so much pressure on myself to post something every day and blogging in general is starting to feel like something I obligated to do, not something I do because it's fun. And I can tell with the quality of my posts. I fell like they're getting shittier and shittier.

I'm the type of person who can't seem stick with one thing for long as far as hobbies go. I have the remnants of tons of former hobbies stored in boxes filling up an entire closet in my home. I still like makeup and nail polish, I'm just feeling decidedly uncreative when it comes to my blog. How many swatch posts or "here is a picture of my derpy face" posts can I have? Blogging USED to be exciting for me. I'm not that great with friends in my "real" life, so I love all the people I have met and have become friends with through blogging. But the actual blogging itself- I'm burnt out. I feel like I say the same things every post. And I'm terrible at reviews. I either love or hate something! I don't know why. Haha.

I dunno, maybe I should take a break? I'm afraid if I take a break I'll never come back! I guess I should blog when I'm inspired to do so, not because I feel I have to. I haven't missed a day posting since I started and I know I'll be so mad at myself if I miss a day! The rational part of myself knows this is silly, but yeah, I'm not entirely rational. It just sometimes feels like I've quit everything I've ever tried in my life and it's a pretty shitty feeling. *Cue the self-pity* Haha, I tend to blow things out of proportion sometimes. But I still don't know what to do. I don't want to stop blogging, I want to start loving it again! And I'm not quite sure how to do that? Anyone have any suggestions?

And to prove I still love makeup, here is an EOTD I did a few days ago EVEN THOUGH I WAS SICK. Such sacrifice, such dedication. ;-P

This is Darling Girl My Little Pony over a random purple eyeshadow pencil thing I got at the dollar store. My Little Pony is absolutely gorgeous. It is a lavender-ish purple with a green duochrome.

Sorry for the mopey post. If you guys have any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for reading and have great day/night/whatever!



    More constructively, why don't you have ask other bloggers for inspiration? I think Nymphette has a huge inspiration calendar. You could go on P10P and blog about that, or do a love week of your favourite company or a week of colour, you could make some frankens...

  2. I hope you do find some inspiration because I love your blog! This look is just lovely: that duochrome eyeshadow is amazing!

  3. I remember when I started blogging, I seriously looked forward to posting every single day. Somewhere along that line I shifted my enthusiam for 1 thing (blogging) into another (making eyeshadows). I find it really tough now to not only come up with the time, but to actually think of anything worthwhile posting. I wish I still had the same level on enthusiasm but I think I've worn myself out. I'd say that if you're feeling kind of 'meh' maybe take a break for a bit like you suggested. If you don't come back, well such is life. But on the other hand (hopefully) you can return bursting with ideas and inspiration. What point is there in doing this hobby if it's not as fun anymore? I'm hoping that when things have settled down for myself that I'll get back into posting. It's hard not to feel like you're letting people down, although I have to remind myself that I bet 95% of my followers don't notice whether or not I post (lol!). Anyway, good luck to you. Hope you feel inspired sooner than later :)

  4. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I took a bit of a break over the summer, when it was just too hot to do anything. Now I am back and still don't have enough time to post. I'll admit taking lots of picturing and then editing them/cropping them takes time - I just want them on the blog! I think that if you walked away from this you would still miss it :) Even when I wasn't playing with makeup all day I was still like - OH I NEED TO TRY THIS - OH I CANT WAIT TO POST THIS! And I have a note-pad filled with ideas! :) Just lacking in the execution :P Moral of my story: do what makes you happy! This is probably one of my most favorite blogs! Nerdy and girly ;)

    Also: My Little Pony - I NEED THAT.

  5. I think the pressure to post everyday is what is sucking the fun out for you....it is becoming a chore instead of enjoyable! I don't post everyday, but the last few months I have between 20-25 posts so there's still stuff going on, but no pressure and I have not felt even the tiniest pang of "this is not that exciting anymore"....maybe try letting yourself have a day "off" now and then? It is like a job, and anyone who works nonstop with out a break from their job is likely to go postal :D Take a (little) break so we don't lose you completely!

  6. You should set a goal to post maybe once or twice a week. That way, you'll still be blogging and you won't feel pressure to blog daily.

    I really love blogging, and I have made it my goal to post twice a day. If I ever do start to think the blog is becoming a chore, I'll just scale it back and post less frequently. But I think of the blog as more of a way to help others. It isn't so much to help me (although blogging can be very therapeutic), it's to help others decide what is best for their skin tone, lifestyle, etc. The day I stop accomplishing that is the day I stop blogging.

    Think about why you blog and try to figure out what your ultimate goal with blogging is. Perhaps you may reach some new conclusions when you take an analytical look at the situation. :)

  7. Is it the makeup blogging that's getting to you? Why not post some different things now and then. Or give yourself time to take a break. That might help :) I could never personally blog every day. If I don't feel like it, I don't bother doing it. I admire your persistence, but if that persistence is killing your joy of it: I'd say take a breather. Or schedule some meh posts. Or opinion posts. Or something to give yourself fun again. Hobbies should be fun! And I love reading your current hobby, so.... If you need anything I can do via the internets, let me know. :)

  8. @Robyn- I LOVE YOU! Haha, thank you for the ideas and making me feel wanted. :) *warm fuzzies*

    @olgiepolgie- Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me!

    @Sophie- I miss your posts, but I'm glad you found something you enjoy doing! Thank you so much for the advice and the support, you're awesome. I can't wait for you to officially start your business!

    @ZoboZelda- Thank you so much! It's people like you who make blogging worth it. I'm so glad to have encountered so many amazing people through this. I think you're right, I would miss it! And also, you do need My Little Pony!

    @Maribeth- I think you're right about that. It's starting to feel like a job and not a hobby. I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself for things that are supposed to be fun! You're the best Maribeth; you always make me feel better.

    @Chris- Thank you, you always have the most insightful things to say. I don't want to stop blogging, but I think I do need to step back and re-evaluate.

    @GenkiOriana- You know what? I think I worry too much if people are going to like what I'm posting or not. I sometimes avoid posting things because I think it will be too boring. But it's not the end of the world if people don't read a post. This blog is supposed to make me happy and if other people get some enjoyment out of along the way- bonus! Thank you for everything, it really touches me that you (and so many others) care. :)

  9. Argh, sorry you are feeling uninspired. Take a break if you need it or just post when you feel like it. I'd still read it as I've always enjoyed your blog. Sometimes a little break can be refreshing and you'll come back feeling much more enthusiastic!

  10. Awwh I say take a break if you need it, or cut back on the posting. You'll come back feeling refreshed and inspired. :)

  11. If you need a break take one, but I hope it won't be for long because your blog is one of my favourites :) And if you feel a bit bored talking about makeup you could change it up talking about clothes or books or life in general or whatever you wanted! And don't feel pressured to post everyday, very few bloggers do, post when you want to!
    And wow My Little Pony looks amazing! I really need to try Darling Girl.


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