Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Zoya Polishes

Zoya is an awesome company.  They have fabulous nail polish in a wide variety of  colors and finishes.While they aren't available in stores (online is the best place to buy them), it is really worth it to pick some up if you are a nail polish lover.  They also have great customer service and really care about their customers as they are always having promotions.  The bulk of my current collection came when they were having a BOGO free promotion.  The others came when they had a promotion for reaching 20,000 fans on Facebook.  You got 3 polishes free and just had to pay for shipping and handling.

So I went from having zero Zoya polishes to having 14 seemingly overnight. Being entrenched in the nail blogging community I forget that buying more than 1 or 2 polishes once a year or so is highly unusual for most people. Heck, P.P.O.D. (Pre-Polish-Obsession Days) 14 polishes used to be more than I owned total, not just of one brand.  Also, before I knew better I threw out all the colors I had that were not nudes or pinks in a fit of color hating rage.  I'm so mad I did this... old school Sinfuls, Streetwears, and Sally Hansen polishes all gone.  The only colors I have left from my childhood are some ugly frosty mauves my grandma gave me. Ugh!  Oh well, I guess eBay has to be good for something.

I really wish I could have swatched all of these, but I'm just starting out blogging and I'm TERRIBLE at swatching.  I was able to swatch two before I got frustrated and gave up.  I'll post those later.  for now, here ar some bottle pics.

First Row: Tiffany, Lola, Adina, Savita, Valerie, Casey

Back Row: Shawn, Ivanka, Edyta, Crystal, Kotori, Kelly, Ki, Loredana

Zoya Tiffany and Lola
  • Tiffany is a peachy-pink metallic shimmer with gold flecks.  The gold flecks show up much more prominently in real life.
  • Lola is a neon hot pink with a blue shimmer flash.  Unfortunately the blue flash isn't showing up in this picture, but it is very visible in real life.

Zoya Adina, Savita, Valerie, and Casey

  • Adina is an almost frosty looking purple with a strong green duochrome.
  • Savita is matte blue leaning purple with tons of pink shimmer.  This is gorgeous with a top coat.
  • Valerie is a reddish purple metallic base with golden copper shimmer flecks.  Once again the gold flecks are not showing up in the picture.
  • Casey is a vampy, blackened purpley red.

Zoya Ivanka, Shawn, and Edyta

  • Ivanka is blueish emerald green base with grassy green shimmer flecks.
  • Shawn is dirtied yellow green creme.
  • Edyta is a dark forrest green base with lots of golden and green shimmer flecks.

Zoya Crystal and Kotori

  • Crystal is a light blue shimmer with golden metallic flecks.
  • Kotori is a sapphire blue in a blackened blue base.

Zoya Kelly, Ki, and Loredana

  • Kelly is stormy, purple tinted gray creme.
  • Ki looks like an oil slick in a bottle.  It is a dark base with a purple and green duochrome.
  • Loredana is a matte charcoal with multicolored shimmer.  The colored shimmer is not very apparent without a topcoat.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night/whatever!


    1. I never get tired of seeing Zoya pics! I just started using them recently and am in love =) I think I need Lola for summer! Have you tried any of the new summer ones? I am ordering some tonight and need to decide which!

    2. I love Zoya too! It's really awesome how many promotions they do for their customers. I haven't bought any of the summer collection yet because I wanted them all and couldn't narrow down which ones I wanted! Are you going to get any of the new mattes?

    3. I didn't get any of the mattes...but I did order Sooki, Rica, Breezi, & Kimmy! They were having their "professional" bogo so I HAD to try a few ;)

    4. I have yet to be disappointed by a Zoya polish so I'm sure they will be awesome. Can't wait to see your pictures!

    5. Lola and Adina... I need them! SO PRETTY! Why don't I own any Zoya!? Why have I never seen it anywhere?


    Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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