Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Like It Cheap and Easy- My Makeup Storage Solution

Liking it cheap and easy is not always best, but when it comes to storage, it's what works best for me.  I don't want something complicated that takes 10 years to assemble or requires a complex system of levers and pulleys screwed with special screws to the ceiling or something.  I also don't want it to cost much, because I would rather be spending it on other things (ahem, makeup and nail polish).

I spent all my money on "other things" for so long that the makeup just piled up on a shelf in my linen closet.  I also kept stuffing more and more into my makeup bag until it couldn't close anymore.  I was so frustrated with the disorganization I resorted to only using the top few items in my makeup bag and neglecting the rest.

I finally (!) decided I needed some organization.  So I headed down to Walmart, bought a Sterilite 5 drawer storage tower, and some organizer baskets.  I have a bit of OCD so organizing is fun for me; but I'm also lazy so I rarely do it.  I guess the laziness usually wins.

The  storage tower was $17.97 and the 3 3-packs and 1 2-pack of organizers were $1.17 each.  So for under $25 with tax I'm set!

Oh, and I have something else for my nail polish collection.  Unfortunately it would not all fit in one of these on its own, much less sharing it with makeup.

Empty and ready to be filled!

The storage trays

As you can see the inserts fit perfectly, almost as if they were made to fit in the drawers (they weren't though, I just got lucky).

1st drawer
The top left basket has single pressed eyeshadows.
The top right has cream shadows, gel and cream eyeliners, and eyeshadow pencils.
The middle has my makeup brushes and a tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance that snuck in there.
The bottom drawer has pen and pencil eyeliners.

2nd drawer
The top basket has pressed eyeshadow palettes with 2 to 6 shadows and some random mascaras.
The bottom left has foundations and concealers.
The bottom right has face powders and primers.

3rd drawer
The top basket has loose eyeshadows.  Mostly Fyrinnae samples on the left and L'Oreal HIP pigments on the right.
The bottom left has eyeshadow palettes.
The bottom right has blushes.

4th drawer

In the back are a few of those huge multi-pan palettes from eBay.
The middle is a random bronzer I never wear and Maybelline Dream Mousse shadows I got from Dollar Tree.
The front basket has a few lip products that aren't currently in my purse (I have about 10 times as many in my purse).

5th drawer
This just has a few empty makeup bags.  Yay!  Room for expansion!

I purchased the Sterilite 5 drawer tower at Walmart, but I don't see in their website or even the Sterilite website.  Maybe it was discontinued and what I bought was just old stock.  It is similar to to this one, but it has 7 drawers instead.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. great storage system
    and love your make-up collection (:

  2. Thank you ma'am! I'm still a noob when it comes to makeup so I have more collecting to do!

  3. I like the Sterilite containers. I have a three-drawer one I picked up at Walmart just for storing polish too. My collection is big enough for 1 and a half drawers,the rest I use to store my BE and other mineral makeup.

  4. Starlight, are the drawers tall enough to fit the polishes standing up? I was wanting to buy another storage container (so I can buy more polish, haha!) but I wasn't sure it they would be able to stand upright.

  5. I love your storage idea! I'm cruising around your blog tonight and as a person who loves things to be in their places... great idea! (I have the same sort of system for my bathroom, but only one drawer is filled with make up goodies right now. ;) ) Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. @ GenkiOriana

    Thanks for looking at my blog! It's amazing how much time you save being organized, right? Now if only I could get my boyfriend to believe it! Good luck filling up more drawers with makeup! I'm telling you, it just starts with one and goes out of control from there! :)


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