Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MAC Cremesheen Glass Partial to Pink and Loud & Lovely swatches (and a comparison)

I like MAC, but I'm not one of those people who go crazy and have to buy every single item from every one of their limited edition collections.  I have to admit that it's easy to get swept up in the hype and excitement of limited edition items and its easy to end up spending more than you should.  MAC has a lot of hype surrounding and while I don't think it is completely warranted, the company does offer really great products (and some not so great ones).  Pretty much the same as any company, actually.

One of my favorite MAC products is their Cremesheen Glasses.  While I do like Lipglasses, they are often too glittery on me and settle into my lip lines.  Actually my first "high end" makeup purchase was Nymphette Lipglass when I was a freshman in high school.  I still have it too! 

I like the Cremesheens because they aren't sticky like Lipglasses, they feel soft and moisturizing on my lips, and they have more options that aren't glitter bombs.  What I don't like is the price for the amount of product you get.  Its $18.50 for 0.09 oz. while Lipglasses are $14.50 for 0.17 oz.  That is four bucks less for almost twice as much gloss.  These are also permanent and available, so no hunting on eBay to cure a lemming!

Partial to Pink is a peachy-pink nude with a subtle shimmer.
Loud & Lovely is cool toned bright magenta pink creme.

Top: Partial to Pink   Bottom: Loud & Lovely

Partial to Pink and Loud & Lovely

The following is a picture of my bare lips to give you something to compare to.
Bare lips

Partial to Pink

Loud & Lovely

My other favorite lipglosses are Revlon's Super Lustrous glosses.  The texture reminds me of the Cremesheens, but a bit thicker.  They retail for $6.99 for 0.2 oz which is over twice the amount of gloss for almost a third of the price.  Also, Revlon frequently goes on sale and you can also use coupons.

The point of this is that I have a Super Lustrous gloss that I thought may be a dupe for Loud & Lovely.  Its called Pink Pop.

MAC Loud & Lovely and Revlon Pink Pop

Left: MAC Loud & Lovely    Right: Revlon Pink Pop
As you can see they clearly aren't dupes.  The Revlon is a warmer, more bubblegum pink and is also a bit more opaque.  They are pretty close though and it may satisfy the craving for someone who doesn't want to shell out $18.50 for the MAC gloss.

  • Flattering shades
  • Moisturizing
  • Non-sticky formula
  • NOT limited edition!
  • A big price for not that much gloss
  • Some shades may be easily dupe-able
  • May no be as long lasting as more sticky glosses


 Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!

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