Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holographic Plum Frankenpolish

I'm not very good at frankening polishes. I can combine the most beautiful and nuanced colors and it will come out looking one-note and blah. If I ever took color theory I would probably fail miserably.I suppose I understand the basic concepts, but being able to successfully put them into practice eludes me.

Of course, none of this prevents me from attempting to franken quite often.

Which leads to this polish. This wasn't the result of careful planning and thought, but of a broken nail polish bottle emergency where I was determined not to let a beautiful polish go to waste.  I dropped one of the polishes from this post. Luckily it wasn't my favorite one or I would have gotten in my car right then and drove to Ulta for a replacement.

It's hard to mix non-holos with holos and still keep the holographic effect.  This is a mix of LA Splash Tidal Wave and Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Copper Cauldron.  Copper Cauldron is a long discontinued holo that I bought on eBay.  I haven't taken a picture of this one by itself yet, but you can see swatches from the all-mighty Google.  I think the polish turned out okay, but I'm never done.  I'm already thinking of things I can add to improve it.  Also, I couldn't think of a name.  I'm terrible at naming so I just call this Plum Holographic.  I'm going pretend I don't fail at naming and just call myself practical for picking something descriptive.

Bottle picture in the sun
Taken in full sun
You can sort of see the holo on the nail.  It really is more evident in real life.  This was 2 coats and it applied like a dream.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night/whatever!


  1. very cool..i luv the plum in it!

  2. How do you franken nail polish? I would love to know!

  3. Ooh, I love this! I've never been brave enough to franken, but now I'm tempted :o)

  4. @newbiemakeupaddict
    You just take an empty bottle of nail polish, or one that has enough missing and pour other colors of polish in that you think would make a pretty mix. I learned how from Dr. Frankenpolish's blog and her post about how to franken. Here is the link.

    You should try it! I've made ugly colors so many times but the pretty ones make it worth.


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