Saturday, April 23, 2011

Underrated Product Alert- 99 cent Sally Girl Eye Shadows

I can't remember where I first heard someone rave about Sally Girl Eye shadow singles sold by Sally Beauty Supply.  At just $0.99 each ($0.94 with your Sally card) I was skeptical at the quality.  But I'm a sucker for a bargain, and if these turned out as good as I hoped, they really would be a bargain.

And let me tell ya, my initial purchase of 2 or 3 has since ballooned into my current collection- 22 eye shadows.  I'm about half way there to owning them all as Sally Beauty lists 43 different shades on their website.  The colors range from light lavender shimmers to matte teals to satiny chocolate browns. When Urban Decay's Naked palette came out I bought a bunch of Sally Girl neutrals just to satisfy my lemming for it (Well, I ended up buying the palette anyway, but these shadows are still awesome).

One my favorite things about the shadows is that each one has little plastic slits on the side so you can connect them together and create your own custom palette.  This is a really good idea, especially for someone like me who always seems to put her makeup on at the last moment.  You can put coordinating colors together in a palette for a quick, no-thought-required look.

One gripe is that the plastic packaging does feel a bit cheap and weightless.  This doesn't bother me too much a because one, they ARE only 99 cents each and two, I would much rather have an effective product in okay packaging than an okay product in beautiful packaging.  Also, some of the names are completely off for.  For example, Gun Metal is a pale cream color and Peach is a dark brown.  It's kind of odd, but doesn't really bother me either.

In general these shadows are very good quality for the price.  They tend to kick up a bit of power, but for the most part are pigmented and blend well.  All of the mattes have what looks like micro glitter in the pan, but it doesn't really show up much (if at all) in swatches or on the eyes.  Despite not being as silky as high end eye shadows, they still don't look chalky or powdery.

These are all swatched dry on bare skin (no primer or anything).

I separated the shadows into four palettes-neutrals, pinks and purples, blues, and greens.

The colors are:
  • Gun Metal- pale cream satin shimmer
  • Bronze- light brown shimmer
  • Taupe- greyed-brown satin shimmer
  • Cinnamon-  light reddish brown shimmer
  • Auburn- coppery red shimmer
  • Espresso- medium brown shimmer
  • Peach- dark matte brown with sparse multicolored microglitter
From left: Gun Metal, Bronze, Taupe, Cinnamon, Auburn, Espresso, Peach
Pinks and Purples
 The colors are:
  • Soft Pink- cool light pink frosty shimmer
  • Rose- purple toned medium pink shimmer
  • Lilac- pastel blue-toned purple matte with silver microglitter
  • Caramel- pinky-purple shimmer with multicolored microglitter
  • Burgundy- a mauve purple with pink shimmer
  • Eggplant- dark muted purple satin shimmer

From left: Soft Pink, Rose, Lilac, Caramel, Burgundy, Eggplant
 The colors are:
  • Mint- frosty pale blue shimmer
  • Teal- turquoise blue shimmer with silver micro glitter
  • Aqua- swimming pool blue matte
  • Blue Marine- teal blue with gold shimmer
  • Navy- navy blue matte with silver micro glitter
From left: Mint, Teal, Aqua, Blue Marine, Navy
 The colors are:
  • Cream Cocoa- off white shimmer with a touch of green
  • Olive- golden olive shimmer
  • Green Apple- bright grassy green shimmer
  • Glow Green- bright matte yellow-green with micro glitter
From left: Cream Cocoa, Olive, Green Apple, and Glow Green

Here is an eye look I did with a few of the mattes.

I used a base of Too Face Shadow Insurance.  This is Aqua on the inner half of the eyelid and Glow Green on the outer half.  The crease is Peach (which is actually a dark brown). Below my lower lashline I used both Peach and Glow Green.

I have zero experience with matte shadows and I found these fairly easy to work with.

  •  Pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good range of colors
  • Easy to make your own custom palettes
  • Packaging feels a bit cheap and flimsy
  • Shadows kick up quite a bit of powder

  • Retail for $0.99 each (or $0.94 with Sally Card) at Sally Beauty Supply stores or on their website.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. they look stunning! $0.99 for a shadow is more than a bargain! it's almost free! :)

  2. I like how they snap together. That sounds super useful. When I start exploring the world of mattes I'll have to give these a try... :)

  3. ooh great swatches! not bad for $.99!

  4. Pretttyyyyy swatches. I have never tried their eye shadows, but I used their .99 cents eyebrow powder everyday!

  5. thanks SOOOO much for these swatches and review(: Now I know I want these, && I know exactly what I'm gonna get when I walk into my local walgreens to pick these babies up! Thanks again, this was super helpful!<3


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