Friday, April 8, 2011

Flaky Jelly Goodness- Barielle Elle's Spell Nail Polish

Everyone loves a good flaky nail polish (and they are all good aren't they?).  For some reason nail polish companies are a little slow and we've only really had one that was widely available.  And even that was pretty difficult to find.  Remember the hype over Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure?  I, who never buy backups, bought one of this polish because it makes any polish instantly look 100 times better (see this post for an example).  I had to put my self on Hidden Treasure detox because I used it on top of every single mani for about 5 straight months.  Unfortunately it was limited edition.  Looking on eBay right now the cheapest I see it for is around $20.  A better option would be to buy Nubar's 2010, which is a perfect dupe for Hidden Treasure.

So this brings me to another polish which, as far as I know, is also limited edition (Sorry!). However, it still is sold on Barielle's website.  Elle's Spell is a burgundy red jelly with multicolored foil flakes that is absolutely gorgeous.  This is my first Barielle nail polish and now I'm really wanting to try some more. 

Barielle is sold on their website for $8 and also at Ulta for $2 cheaper... I'm not sure why it costs less there. I rarely go to Ulta because it's further away from me than Sephora, but I was able to find a basket of discounted winter collection polishes.  A lot of the polishes were $1.99 (which is what I bought Elle's Spell for), including many from China Glaze's winter collection.

This is 4 coats with base and top coat.

Taken in the shade

The only complaint I have about the polish is that the color in the bottle is a bit of a misconception.  The polish isn't nearly as pretty on the nail as it looks in the bottle.  It's understandable though; they had to keep the jelly sheer enough to let the flakies show through but not so sheer that the color wasn't buildable.  So, the polish does end up being pretty sheer overall.  It would look nice layered over other polishes too.  Don't you hate with some jelly polishes your tips always look like they have tip wear even if you just applied the polish?  This one does that, but it is more evident in the pictures versus real life.

Taken in the sun
This is one of the few times a polish looks better in the shade versus the sun.

Taken in the shade
Taken in the shade
See how it looks like I have tip wear?  I don't since I just applied it, the polish just looks really thin at the tips.

Taken under a lamp
I'm including this one in attempt to show how the flakies can look green.


Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I love flakies! I currently have Nubar 2010 sitting in my cart....I'm trying to figure out what I want to order from them in order to get up to the free shipping minimum ;)

  2. Wow, what a steal you got this gem for! Absolutely gorgeous - love flakie polishes. More companies should make them.
    - Mary

  3. about a month ago i found Hidden Treasure on clearance for $5!!! elle's spell looks amazing(:

  4. @ Shimmer
    Shipping is super expensive isn't it? I added one polish to the cart to see how much it was and it was over $12! Two of the Nubar polishes I have been wanting are Reclaim and Wildlife.

    I don't know companies don't make them! I haven't heard anyone say that they didn't like them.

    Wow! Where were you about to find HT for $5?! That is super lucky!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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