Monday, September 26, 2011

Ghosts of Manicures Past

Well, more like pictures instead of ghosts, but still. I have a billion tests this week (actually only 4 tests) and am going crazy trying to shove all this information into my poor overworked brain.  So I thought I would cheat and show you some of my favorite manicures/swatches of nail polishes that I've posted in the past.
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over NARS Purple Rain
LA Splash Golden Seahorse
OPI Shanghai Shimmer
MAC Imperial Flower
Color Club Fashion Addict
Sinful Mint Apple under Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
Orly Luxe
Zoya Lola

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Okay. I need Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. Please tell me this is not a discontinued product you bought five years ago!!! I will searching through Walmart and Target this week for it!

  2. @Mandy- I'm so sorry! It WAS limited edition. :( Nubar's 2010 is an exact dupe and permanent, but you can mostly just find it on their website. I don't know why companies don't make flakie glitter. It's amazing.

    Oh, I found a few of Nubar 2010 polishes on eBay. Here is one of them-

  3. wow, i like so many of them! getting orly luxe tomorrow, just a color i've been looking for :D zoya lola is HOT, lasplash golden seahorse is INCREDIBLE as is fashion addict

    Vonnie of

  4. OMG I want Hidden Treasure! It looks so neat over everything!


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