Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cult Nails Vicious and Initial Thoughts on Their Base and Top Coats

A box packed with cotton balls? Who could this possibly be from?

Do the little burrito/eggroll wrapped packages give you a clue?

Well, duh! It's Cult Nails!

I ordered this September 19th and received it yesterday, the 24th. Pretty quick, huh? Cult Nails just released their base and top coats along with this purple creme polish. And until the end of today (Sunday the 25th) they are offering the base coat Get It On, top coat Wicked Fast (which retail for $8 each) and any polish from their online store (retails for $10) for $20. And since I already own every other color that has been sold by Cult Nails, I picked up this new purple.

I haven't had enough time to get a good feel for Get It On and Wicked Fast so I'll just give my initial impressions at the end.  I apologize for the crappy application, a nail just broke and I had to chop them all off. I'm not used to painting the shorter nails just yet!

This was 2 coats of Vicious with one coat each of Get It On and Wicked Fast.

Cult Nails Vicious in the sun
I wasn't expecting this purple to be so dark and it's a pleasant surprise. I already own several medium purple cremes like China Glaze Grape Pop, but none that are this beautiful eggplant color.  Like most Cult Nails polishes this was opaque in 2 coats and as usual was a creamy, dreamy, breeze to apply. A fangirl, me? Naw... ;-)

Cult Nails Vicious in the sun
It was somewhat difficult to get a good picture of this polish because the top coat, Wicked Fast, was so shiny and reflective.

Cult Nails Vicious in the shade
So here are my thoughts on the base and top coats thus far.

Get It On (base coat)- It dries really quickly. I hate base coats that take forever to dry. It didn't impede the application of polish, which I've actually experienced with some base coats.

Wicked Fast (top coat)- Seche Vite is my Holy Grail top coat and so far I like this one just as well. It dries super quick and shiny like Seche Vite, but it thin and viscous while Seche is thick and prone to glueyness. Especially when you reach half-way through the bottle. So if you hate Seche for the thickness, this top coat might be the one for you. I'm actually impressed at the dry time; I haven't had anything come close to Seche Vite for me until this.

I can't comment on the wear yet as I've barely been wearing them, but I'll right a more thorough review when I can.


Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Ooh, that's a stunning purple! I love Cult Nails. I really hope the company lasts for years and years (unlike Dulce Cosmetics, R.I.P).

  2. I've never used Cult Nails products before, but their top coat sounds interesting. That purple is a hot colour, too.

  3. OOOH dark purple!!! Every one of these polishes that I see, I love.


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