Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rainbow Honey FAB Summer Set Swatches

Some more Rainbow Honey swatches for you! I got sent these polishes for review (mini sizes) and immediately after swatching them I went and bought the full sizes. I love them that much!

image courtesy of Rainbow Honey

These polishes are a little unusual as they are not available on Rainbow Honey's website. They are exclusively available on FAB (affiliate link for those who do not have an account with FAB) and only as a set and for a limited time. For a discounted price of $25 (normal price $30) you get three full size bottles including:

tenda is a bright kelly green lacquer with golden shimmer
costa del sol is a shimmery lacquer full of iridescent and holographic glitters ready to add some sun and sparkle to your manicure
schrammi is a deep coral lacquer with golden shimmer

For the swatches I used two coats for each of the base colors (Schrammi and Tenda) and one coat of Costa del Sol on my ring finger.  The polishes applied great. The two creams with gold flecks were a teensy bit thick but not streaky and overall had a good formula. The glitter only needed one coat to get a nice amount of glitter on the nail and wasn't as thick as glitters in clear bases sometimes are.

Rainbow Honey Schrammi with an accent of Costa del Sol
Rainbow Honey Schrammi with an accent of Costa del Sol
Rainbow Honey Tenda with an accent of Costa del Sol  
Rainbow Honey Tenda with an accent of Costa del Sol
So what do you think? Any polish with gold shimmer instantly makes me swoon.

Disclosure: I was provided these polishes for consideration by Rainbow Honey. My opinions are my own and as always, my first priority is you lovely people who read my blog.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Daphne's Birthday Party

Today is Pretty Serious Cosmetics' 1 year anniversary and thus the birthday of their mascot, Daphne. To help celebrate the festivities here are some swatches of Daphne's Birthday Party over another Pretty Serious polish- Blue Gums On Boxing Day.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rainbow Honey The Robot Collection Swatches and Review

Another late post! But luckily these are still available. I was sent these polishes from Rainbow Honey's The Robot Collection to review awhile ago and I'm just now getting to them. But no matter, just like anything Rainbow Honey does the concept is amazing and the product and attention to detail never fail to blow me away. To be honest, before trying the polishes I was unimpressed by the concept of black and white glitter over different colored chromes. But I can admit that I was wrong as the polishes look really great together. I am completely converted. So much so that I went and bought a full size bottle of the glitter, Yoshimi, because I was afraid of running out.

Rainbow Honey has the best packaging and design out of pretty much any company I've ever ordered from. Everything is consistent and well-thought out to the tiniest details.

This collection is special because along with the regular .5 fl oz (15 mL) bottles for $10 you can also get all 6 polishes as a set of 4 mL bottles for $25 (the set of full size bottles is $50).

The mini bottles DO NOT have mini brushes, thankfully. The brushes are full sized and easy to use.

The metallic chrome polishes might not be entirely unique, but they are very well done. You probably could get away with one thick coat, but I thought they looked better with two thin coats. The amount of metallic pigment (aluminum flakes) makes the texture a tad thick but I didn't find them too difficult to work with.

Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot in the sun
Bitty Love Bot - Sparkling metallic aqua

Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot in the shade

Rainbow Honey Femme Bot in the sun
Femme Bot - Sparkling metallic peony

Rainbow Honey Femme Bot in the shade
Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot in the sun
Dusty Bot - Sparkling metallic lavender

Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot in the shade
Rainbow Honey Lucky Bot in the sun
 Lucky Bot - Sparkling metallic agave

Rainbow Honey Lucky Bot in the shade

Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot in the sun
Skyward Bot - Sparkling metallic cerulean

Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot in the shade
Rainbow Honey Yoshimi over Bitty Love Bot, Femme Bot, and Dusty Bot
Yoshimi - A truly mod black & white combination of glitters sprinkled with a bit of iridescence

This is one coat of Yoshimi dabbed over the base colors. It applies really well for this type of glitter as long you don't try to brush it on like a regular polish. Dabbing is the key here!

Rainbow Honey Yoshimi over Lucky Bot, Skyward Bot, and a random nude frankenpolish

Disclosure: I was provided these polishes for consideration by Rainbow Honey. My opinions are my own and as always, my first priority is you lovely people who read my blog.

Monday, April 29, 2013

MAC Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly Lipsticks From The 2013 Fashion Sets Collection

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
Okaaaay, I'm super late posting these lipsticks from MAC's 2013 Fashion Sets collection because just like all MAC limited edition products, the popular ones sell out FAST. Within a few hours fast or even sooner. But who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and your local counter will have some left. Or there is always eBay if you get desperate enough. And maybe one day MAC will repromote them!

I usually don't fall for the hype of MAC's limited edition collections just because I find the sales tactics a little distasteful. Sure it works for them because a lot of hype is built and people fight to throw their money at MAC and get the "privilege" of purchasing a really popular item. To me, I would rather not have to work to give a company my money. I think that if they want my business they should fight for MY business, haha. I don't feel like stalking a website for hours to buy something. Luckily with this collection I had a friend who picked up the lipsticks I wanted without any hassle on my part. So, so awesome of her.

The lipsticks themselves are okay to pretty good. The colors are GORGEOUS and I like the matte look, but they are extremely dry in texture and drag across the lip when applying. I have to wear a light layer of lip balm underneath for them to look their best. That being said they were definitely worth the price to me.

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
These are a bit brighter in real life.

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
Swatches are in the sun.

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
These are in the shade. The colors are incredibly pigmented. Nothing sheer or weak here!

MAC Ablaze matte lipstick
Ablaze was the one I was most unsure if I would like it or not. But I love it! It's a really gorgeous coral.

MAC Embrace Me matte lipstick
Embrace Me is my favorite one, unsurprisingly. I tend to gravitate to these types of colors lately. It also seems to be the most dupable. Milani Rose Hip is similar but not nearly as matte.

MAC Silly matte lipstick
Silly is probably my least favorite, but I still like it. I just don't think I pull off the paler Barbie pinks too well.

Good luck finding these if you don't already have them. Like most popular things MAC will probably release them again and there will be another huge frenzy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cheap Drugstore Nude Lipsticks For The Melanin Deficient

I know, I know, I've been MIA for awhile. But I have a few blog posts I'm excited about coming up soon. For now I have a few nude lipsticks that I can actually wear. Being so pale I'm practically transparent this is quite a feat! I put this together for a Facebook group I'm in and I thought I might share.

These lipsticks are very affordable and pretty easy to find!

Rimmel Airy Fairy- $5 to $6
Essence Creamy Nude- $2.99
NYX Pumpkin Pie- $4

Sorry my lips are so damn dry! The change in the weather this time of year does it every time!

Here is the swatch picture in a bigger size.

From left- Rimmel Airy Fairy, Essence Creamy Nude, and NYX Pumpkin Pie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nail Layering with Sally Hansen and NARS

I REALLY need to get better about the timing of my posts- I took these pictures last fall. I guess that would be fine, but the two Sally Hansen polishes I used were limited edition and no longer available. I suppose a few may be floating around on eBay if you get desperate enough.

I LOVE layering. It's rare these days for me to wear just one polish by itself. Some times the layering experiments are huge fails and some times they turn out awesome. This was one of the awesome times. I layered Sally Hansen All Aglow, a purple foil-y polish, over NARS Midnight Express, a dark blue jelly, and slapped Sally Hansen Crystal Beading, a sheer multichrome that flashes from teal to blue to purple to pink, over the top. My pictures didn't manage to capture the best duochrome actions, but it was fabulous. Trust me.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Maybe I Need To Stop Buying Nail Polish- A Haul

So I may not be posting as much but that does not mean that my spending on nail polish has waned. In fact, it has probably increased. In the past year or two the amount of polishes available to consumers has exploded in conjunction with the popularity of nail polish itself. We now have available to us polishes from countries around the world along with the always innovative polishes from indie sellers. Big name brands have taken notice of this and stepped up their game offering a wide variety of creative colors and finishes. Now is definitely the time to be a nail addict. I'm definitely happy, but maybe my bank account isn't! These are all polishes I've bought in 2013. And there are probably more that I've stashed away in a Helmer that I've forgotten about (bad girl!).

Hard Candy polishes. From left- Crush On Pink, Crush On Tin, Fun 'N Festive, Pixie Pink, Cocoa Smore, and Gummy Green.

Sigh. I'm so, so impressed with Hard Candy and bringing out this completely revamped line of 45 polishes. I literally want every single one. I don't think that has ever happened to me before. There are maybe a few I could live without. It was almost torture limiting myself to these 6. The bottles are small at almost half the size of a standard polish, but the price is right at $4 a bottle. Just be prepared to go hunting at WalMart to find them. (Here is a list of all the polishes)

Hit Polish. From left- Tes-Stained Linen, Turq-ish Delight, On Angels Wings, and Lilacs in Bloom.

Unf. These are so pretty. I'm most excited about Tea-Stained Linen. It's so unique!

Cult Nails polishes. From left- Disciplined, Untamed, Scandalous, Flushed, Annalicious, I Got Distracted, and Spontaneous.

I finally picked up the Cult Nails polishes that had been on my wishlist when they had a sale recently. You can never go wrong with Cult Nails.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polishes (not sure if they have actually names but the colors are numbered 1-4).

I was REALLY excited for these. The whole Etude House Sweet Recipe collection looks amazing, but these called out to me the loudest. These polishes were shipped all the way from South Korea (Etude House is a Korean brand) and I couldn't be happier. Korean cosmetics and skincare are becoming a new obsession for me. (I bought these on eBay)

Hits Mari moon Modern set. From left- Cool, Dreamer, Trendy, and Cutie Pie.

More foreign polishes! These are from Brazil and I bought them from Ninja Polish. I have the Unique Set (and posted about it here) and need the Modern Set to round out my collection. These polishes are a must in any polish lover's collection. Especially Cutie Pie. I think I need a back up of it.

From left- Ninja Polish Divinity and Nebula, A England Dragon, Hits Salsa and CanCan.

The rest of the polishes from my Ninja Polish order. You can't tell from the picture but Divinity is a multichrome in the same vein as Clarins 230 and Max Factor Fantasy Fire. The bottle of Nebula is backward because it shows the color shift in the bottle better. The A England polish is a long time lemming that I'm super excited to finally have. And lastly the two Hits polishes are color changing flakies in a colored base. It's hard to tell with Salsa, but it has the same color flakies as Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Essie Shine of the Times.

From left- Orly Orange Crush, China Glaze Beach Cruise-r and Surreal Appeal, Essence Oh My Glitter!

Some random polishes. The first three I think I got on clearance at Ulta or Sally Beauty. Something like that. It was a busy polish buying day.

From left- Rainbow Honey Be Mine, Urban Outfitters Chilly, Ulta XOXO and Diva, and OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Last batch of random polishes. I needed Be Mine by Rainbow Honey to round out my Valentine's collection from them. The Urban Outfitters glitter polish I'm really excited about. I wish I had bought a few more polishes while I was there but I was trying to be restrained. And the last three were Ulta impulse purchases.

And theeeeeeeeeeeere we go. I really should stop buying polishes faster than I can wear them. Do you see anything that catches your eye?
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