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Silk Naturals Lip Products Swatches and Reviews

Both Silk Naturals and I are participating in Team Pink Eye Project (my post with a giveaway will be at the end of the month!). Karen from Silk Naturals found out about my blog through that and offered me a chance to try/review some of their products. I immediately said yes as they have been on the top of my wish list for a long time now, especially after always seeing the amazing swatches on Phyrra's blog. I requested to try lip products as indie companies with an extensive lines of lip products are pretty rare, and I wanted to help get the word out. I have tons of eyeshadows these days and it seems I'm more likely to buy from a company that has a range of products versus just eyeshadows.

And Silk Naturals has, I believe, the largest selection of different lip products I have ever seen from an Indie company ranging from lip balms, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip plumpers, and even lip stains.  I have 7 different lip products in 3 different formulas that I tried out (plus a bonus eyeshadow!).

The packaging is really nice and professional.  I love the silver labels! I know ingredient lists aren't always the prettiest looking, but I wish they were printed on the labels, including on the eyeshadow.

Silk Naturals Eye Color in Social
The top is swatched dry and the bottom is over a sticky base. You can see how pigmented it is is even swatched dry. I thought it applied well and the color will be gorgeous when I want softer colors, but don't want to give up the sparkle.

There are so many other Silk Natural eye shadows I want to try. Did you know they dupe colors from mainstream brands? They have a collection that is a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked palette that I still want even though I own Naked!

Amplifying Lip Glazes in Beguile, Pretty Please, and Provoke; Organic Vegan Lipsticks in Cayenne and Bombshell; Lip Stains in Roxie and Vamp
I'll talk about each formula under their individual swatches.

Amplifying Lip Glazes in Beguile, Pretty Please, and Provoke
As per the Silk Naturals website- "Amplifying Lip Glazes pack the shine of a liquid gloss into a nice slimline tube!  Made with over 85% organic ingredients with a slight minty tingle- and a special anti-aging lip plumping ingredient that moisturizes deeply, and gradually adds volume to your lips."

All of the lip products I tried were great, but this formula was my very favorite. I liked the subtle minty-ness, the smooth, fairly glossy texture, and the semi-sheer to medium opacity color. I definitely plan on picking up more of these when I get a chance. they feel moisturizing, but not greasy. All in all perhaps one of my favorite indie lip products I have ever used. The price is awesome, too, at only $4.50 each.

Silk Naturals Amplifying Lip Glaze in Beguile
Silk Naturals Amplifying Lip Glaze in Pretty Please
Silk Naturals Amplifying Lip Glaze in Provoke
Organic Vegan Lipsticks in Cayenne and Bombshell
As per the Silk Naturals website- "We try to make a little something for everyone, and our vegan formula is divine. It has luxury oils for conditioning, and absolutely no beeswax. they're slightly less creamy than our Kisser Slickers. These are packaged in slim tubes, and have a hint of vanilla flavor. Over 85% organic."

The lipstick formula is great as well. They're smooth, very pigmented, and moisturizing. I wasn't a fan of either color on my skin tone personally as the first was too warm and the second more dark than I'm used to, but they're both gorgeous colors. Ah, the woes of vampire-pale skin.  Anyway, I see a few other colors on the website that I'm interested in picking up! These sell for $5.75 each.

Silk Naturals Organic Vegan Lipstick in Cayenne
Silk Naturals Organic Vegan Lipstick in Bombshell
Lip Stains in Roxie and Vamp
As per the Silk Naturals website- "Lip Stains are sheer washes of color that tint your lips for hours and hours.  Our formula is super long lasting, and it doesn't feel quite as drying as the other stains we've used- it's not going to pack a moisture punch like our regular lippies, but it shouldn't dry your lips out too much either.
These are packaged in 3.5 ml tubes with a doe foot applicator, and a silver label to protect them from light."

I don't think I know of any other indie brand that offers lip stains. I don't have much experience with them in general either. So please excuse my terrible application job. The fault is my own because I don't don't want I'm doing and not any fault of the product.

I am seriously impressed. These last FOREVER. Whenever I have tried lip stains in the past they would fade quickly, unevenly, would dry out my lips, and STILL would transfer on to other things. These dried down to a matte finish, didn't transfer even with a lip balm over them, and lasted at least 8 hours (which was when I got tired of waiting for it to disappear and just went to bed).

The brown lip stain is an intriguing color that I'm sure would look great on many people, but on me it looked like I painted my lips with iodine. The continued joys of a difficult skin tone.

The lip stains retail for $4.50.
Silk Naturals Lip Stain in Roxie
Silk Naturals Lip Stain in Vamp
Silk Naturals Lip Stain in Vamp after 4 hours
Still looking good after 4 hours! I ate an orange and had a glass of water in that time.
Silk Naturals Lip Stain in Vamp 7 hours
Between the 4 hour mark and this one, I ate dinner and wiped my lips quite vigorously because I forgot I had something my my lips. Oops! The stain is still hanging in there!

Would I recommend Silk Naturals? Most definitely. They have some of the best and most innovative lip products out there.

  • You can purchase the entire range of Silk Naturals products, including eye shadows, foundations, blushes, hair care, and skin care from their website here.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided to me for review purposes from Silk Naturals. As always, all opinions are completely my own.


  1. The lip glazes are really pretty! :D Too bad these kind of unique brands aren't available elsewhere in the world; the shipping itself would be quite scary, I imagine.

  2. Silk Naturals is one of my favorite indie companies, their stuff is great.

    I don't know about prices to anywhere else, but their shipping to Canada has always seemed reasonable :)

  3. I've never heard of this brand. I will have to check it out. I love everything you posted on here :)

    Check out my blog:
    Let Me See Ur Peacock

  4. I like the amplifying lip glaze, too :D And those lipsticks, holy moly! I need some!

  5. I got sent Pretty Please, Bombshell and the two stains as well. I am head over heels in love with Bombshell and I love that - holy shitbags - the stains actually stain. I really need to place an order for more of the Amplifying dooberies. And Cayenne :/

  6. Great review! I've never tried Silk Naturals, although I do have a (very long) wishlist on their website. These swatches were really helpful, so thank you. :)

  7. I haven't tried Silk Naturals yet, but I definitely have to now. I'm a sucker for lip products!

  8. Ooh, everything looks really nice!

    Silk Naturals has been on my wish list for ages but I find it so hard to narrow down what I want, there is just so much choice!

  9. Awesome post! I love Silk Naturals! I really want the Vamp Lip Stain now.

  10. Aren't they just great? *sigh* I'm always amazed at how beautiful their products are. You need to check their Eyelights. They're magical.


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