Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm a Frankening Fiend!

So what I did today, in between studying for two exams, was make more frankens. I bought some color morphing powders (probably the ones used to make Unicorn Pee itself- Clarins 230) from Cathy of More Nail Polish awhile ago and just got he chance to play with them. The polishes themselves turned out amazing but I'm disappointed that my pictures turned out so blah and one-dimensional. Hm, maybe I can convince my boyfriend to buy me a new camera!
Anyway, I made 5. Once I start it's hard to stop!

Ugh, crappy, crappy picture. The first one is holo. The second one morphs between gold to reddish bronze to green depending on the angle/light. The middle green is not that bright of a green; it's more murky. The last blah looking one photographed the worst of all. It's actually a top coat made with red to green color morphing pigment.

Here is a slightly better picture of the top coat franken showing its more greenish side.

I'm wearing the purple one third from the left in the picture above, but I need to wait until I can get some sun to take pictures. I've already made 15 frankens since I ordered my little bottles from TKB Trading. I ordered 30, which I figured would be more than enough, but I guess not! I'm obsessed!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I liked the purple and green ones :)
    btw- do enter my giveaway as well!!!

  2. That top coat is really pretty, but the green is stealing my heart, it's so vibrant! :)

  3. The green white and purple ones. Those are my favorites. Go, girl, go! :D Awesome frankens! :)

  4. Have you done a black-based franken yet? What's the darkest one you've done so far?? I want to see swatches of all of these, by the way! The bottles are pretty to look at but I love seeing how they look on your nails! :-)


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