Monday, October 10, 2011

Gratuitous Acts of Shopping- One Hand Washes the Other

I have a humdinger (haha, love that word) of a headache, so I'll leave you with pictures of my latest order from One Hand Washes the Other (Black Magic is the shit, yo!).

Unfortunately this version of Black Magic is not currently available (it's cold process vs a glycerin soap base like the normal bars), but everyone should bug Becca (the delightfully-scented proprietress of One Hand Washes the Other, or OHWTO for us cool kids)  and maybe she'll make enough for all of us to have a bar (or two. Or three.).

I highly recommend Black Magic to everyone. It's a cult fave for a reason. I've only been using it a few days and I can swear my face looks smoother and less dull.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Awesome! I have yet to try the Black Magic, but I just received my first order yesterday! I totally got Passiflora as a solid scent, too! LOVE IT!

  2. Black Magic is the only cleanser I use now. I am actually on my second bar of it, it's incredible how LONG the first one lasted! I have yet to try any of her scents but I may have to bug her for what she thinks I may like. :-)

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  4. Never even heard of this brand before but I've just had a nosy at the website and it looks totally awesome. Not least of all cos it's different from most other cosmetic ranges out there :)

    Seeing how it's my birthday at the end of the month I've decided to treat myself to a little something from the site. Is there anything you'd highly recommend? (theres waaay too much to choose from!) ♥


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