Monday, October 24, 2011

Essence Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lipglosses Swatches and Review

I am a complete ho (wait, am I allowed to say ho? ;D ) for good quality, cheap makeup. I'm a bit of a completionist at heart so anytime I can afford to buy one of something in every color I get excited. So, Essence is a brand that gets me excited often. Their products are generally good to great in quality and will only set you back a few bucks. In fact, these lipglosses are only $2.29 and a freakin' awesome to boot. TO BOOT!

Essence Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lipglosses
Look at dem purty colors!

Essence Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lipglosses
The applicators are kinda odd. They're fuzzy like a traditional doe-foot applicator, but these are barbell shaped. Or "two balls on the ends of a stick"-shaped, if you prefer. My ONLY issue with these glosses is the inconsitencies in the "give" of the applicator. Some are fairly stiff and hardly bend at all, while others flop around like a limp, um... yeah. Something limp. The stick/limp applicator thing is just a minor annoyance and doesn't affect my extreme, rabid love for these glosses.

From left- Me & My Ice Cream, Candy Bar, Trendsetter, I Like Cotton Candy, Berry Me!, and Kiss Kiss Kiss
One thing I like about these is that the opacity is buildable. You can apply them very lightly for a hint of color or layer 'em on for a bigger punch of color. And they really are long lasting (for a gloss). They fade evenly and keep my lips feeling moisturized for the duration. The texture is smooth and on the thicker side. I didn't find them sticky at all. I always compare everything to MAC Lipglasses as far as stickiness and these don't come close to that. Like most of Essence's lip products that I've tried these have a fruity scent. I'm pretty particular with my scents and I actually like this one. To I think it helps that they're unflavored/unsweetened. These are all creme finishes. I really like this line, so it would be cool if Essence introduced some shimmers, too.

Me & My Ice Cream
Candy Bar
I Like Cotton Candy
Berry Me!
Kiss Kiss Kiss


Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I have three of them (02,03 and 05) and I must say that I like them a lot :)

  2. I'm going to place an order online. b/c I can't find Essence in my area. I really want to try their gel liners!

  3. i didn't like it. Maybe i had a the worst ' series' at this line ever

  4. I like the look of all these colours. The applicator looks just like the one Sephora uses in its own glosses.

  5. Wow! Those are lovely. I have never tried their lip products before (only the nail polishes). Thanks for the review. I will certainly have to give these a try.

  6. Those barbell shaped applicators are pretty weird! The colours are nice, though!

  7. I've just bought and tried Me and My Ice cream and I love it! Nice review with good swatches!!!!!!


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