Monday, October 3, 2011

Boobies and Bulldogs!

Eeep! My scheduled post didn't go through for today! And actually it disappeared, which is kind of annoying.

Anyway, as I'm sure everyone on Earth knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We really should be conscious of the devastating effects of cancer ALL year, but it's nice that time is dedicated to getting the word out. I also think we need to be mindful of the not so "sexy" cancers (Although I must say- Yay for boobies!). Colon cancer runs in my family and it literally scares the shit out of me (Heh. Get it? I do take it seriously, though. My uncle has relapsed twice and had a colostomy performed 12 years ago). To be honest, I never really liked that it is called "Awareness Month". It doesn't matter if everyone  in the world is aware, if no one is acting on it there will still be the same amount of people suffering. So I encourage everyone to give back to their favorite cause. It doesn't have to be cancer- just something that is important to you.

Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog has an awesome campaign for awareness going on right now. Send in a picture of yourself holding a sign about breast cancer awareness month (the details are in her post) and it will enter you to win a HUGE makeup prize package.

Here is the picture I sent. Bulldogs are stubborn and it's hard to get them to sit still long enough to take a picture if they don't want to do it! You should have seen the outtakes.

Here is an outtake that wasn't super blurry from my dog flopping around. My boyfriend says that he looks like he's going to throw up, haha.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Hahahah....such a cute pic! I agree with your thoughts on the awareness part and what that actually means. I swear to god, I was Febreezing my couch today and thinking about Breast Cancer Awareness Month (random, huh?) and saying to myself, "what is awareness actually doing? Is it enough to inspire people to jump to action? What more can we do?". Breast Cancer does not run in my family, but I am always worried that I will be more prone to ANY type of cancer (I had thyroid cancer when I was 19)'s always in the back of my mind!

  2. i adore this pic !!!! cutest dog evaaa !!!! <3

  3. I totally laughed out loud when I read the part about your dog looking like he's going to throw up LOL

  4. I laughed when I saw the second photo- your bulldog is adorable. It looks like he's a stuffed animal. :) Thank you for reminding me to be aware :)

  5. You have such a gorgeous smile!!!!

    My mom survived endometrial cancer when she was my age (30), and I tend to get freaked out about cancer in general because of this. I feel like I'm on a countdown or something, even though I'm currently in perfect health,

    I wish I had the money to donate to cancer day!

    (I LOVE your pup!)


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