Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 3: Shopping my Stash for Untried Polish- Color Club Fashion Addict

So here I am on Week 3 to wear all of my untried polishes.  Considering that about a fourth of my over 400 polish collection is untried, this is going to while.  And this week's is my favorite so far (in case you missed them, here is week 1 and here is week 2)! 

I can't believe that I hadn't worn this polish yet- it's a holo!  Like most of my untrieds i have had it over a year and it has been sitting in my Helmer neglected.  When I'm feeling like wearing a purple holo, I go straight to this one's darker cousin, Wild At Heart.  Like most holo polishes, Fashion Addict looks a bit dull in the shade but bring in the light and the holo really pops.  One this I really like about this one is the formula.  Usually holos are thick, goopy, don't level out on the nail, and are prone to bald spots.  I didn't have any of those problems with this one

Fashion Addict is a light lilac purple holographic and was part of Color Club's Spring 2009 collection Catwalk Queen.  It seems to bit difficult to find online, but if you can track it down it's definitely worth it.

This is 2 coats with base and top coat.

Color Club Fashion Addict in full sun
Color Club Fashion Addict in the shade


Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. So nice! Waaaah this is the one that was missing from my Catwalk Queen purchase! *pout* Hope your day is it hot in Texas today? ;-)

  2. @ shimmer
    Yes, you need this! :) My day was pretty good, lots of family and food! And it was "only" 92 degrees today here. Tomorrow is supposed to be 100!


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