Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three OPIs- a Green, a Blue, and a Pink

I think OPI is somewhat overrated.  They do have a huge variety of colors, but for the price, I often find that the colors are very sheer and sometimes streaky.  But then you get the special colors, like Mad As A Hatter, which totally redeem the brand in my eyes. Unfortunately I don't own MAAH.  I was dumb and passed it up thinking I would have the chance to buy it later. So wrong!  Has this happened to anyone else before?

I'm usually a pretty verbose person, but I'm runnin' on empty right now so I'll get straight to it.  Like the oh-so-cleverly-named title mentions I have a green, a blue, and a pink to show you.

They are:
  • Who the Shrek Are you?- an olive-tinged chartreuse creme
  • Sea? I Told You! - bright blue shimmer with silver particles
  • Shanghai Shimmer- a dusty mauve rose with green shimmer
These are all swatched without a base or top coat.

Who The Shrek Are You? in full sun
This was pretty sheer.  It took 4 coats to reach opacity but the color is worth it.  The finish ends up pretty even and non-streaky for a color with a lot of yellow pigment.

Who The Shrek Are You? in full sun
 It is really shiny without a top coat which I love even though I always use a top coat when I'm not swatching.

Sea? I Told You! in full sun
This one is also pretty sheer.  This took 4 coats.

Sea? I Told You! in the shade

Shanghai Shimmer in full sun
I really like this color.  Without the shimmer it would look like a grandma color, but the shimmer makes it look funky and unique.  This was 3 coats.

Shanghai Shimmer in the shade

Here is a bottle picture in the sun to clearly show the pretty green shimmer.


After all the pretty I just wanted to share something gross with you.  I saw this while looking at the ad for my local grocery store.

Doesn't that look absolutely foul?!  First of all, the name. EconoMax.  I will NEVER eat anything named EconoMax.  EconoMax is not the name of anything remotely edible.  It sounds like a brand of budget motor oil or something.  Plus, it's a pound of bologna for $1.  I have a hard time believing this is a meat product.  I'm going to the grocery later and bet yer britches I'm looking for this.  I'm curious what the ingredients are.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I have OPI burnout...I started thinking like you, that they were overrated but I think for me it was just ALL I used FOREVER and I was getting so tired of it. I had such tunnel vision. Now that I've taken a break and branched out, I don't feel so "Blah" about them ;) Side note: Do you believe that I GAVE AWAY my "Mad As A Hatter" to a friend who liked it? OMG....makes me weak thinking of it now...hahahaha.
    And, YES that bologna looks very suspicious ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you gave it away!!! Yeah, I really do like OPI and it's one of my favorites, I just don't think it's the ultimate brand of nail like a lot of people think. I just like variety too much! Oh, and I bought Black Shatter yesterday thanks to your pictures! I still haven't tried it though. I'll let you know how it goes when I do.

  3. Jessi M, I believe we have the excellent beginnings of an enabling friendship ;) I am waiting for my new Zoyas! It says they won't be here until the 7th....waaaaah.

  4. Haha. Economax sounds like a hybrid car or a gas station. lol

    I really like your blog so I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog. Check it out. :)

  5. @Shimmer

    I can feel my bank account shrinking every time we talk, haha!


    It DOES sound like a hybrid car! And thanks for the shout out!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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