Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a... Dragon? China Glaze Flying Dragon Swatches

China Glaze has to be one of my favorite brands of nail polish.  They are inexpensive (I but them for $2.99 online) and come in HUGE variety of colors and finishes.  Plus, it really seems like the listen to their fans' requests.  But, I usually get so caught up in new collections that I forget about some of their older, equally awesome polishes.  Which leads us to Flying Dragon.

I wanted this color since the begining of time (aka when I first got obsessed with nail polish), but I always forgot about it when faces with swatches of new collections.  I finally bought it and have not been disappointed.  It really is a must own for any nail polish fanatic, glitter, or neon lover.

Flying Dragon dark neon purple with blue and purple glitter.  It's rare that you see darker neons, but you can definitely it has neon pigment when you compare it to a non-neons and due to the fact it dries matte.  The glitter isn't very sparkly at all, which I kind of like for a change.  It makes the polish incredibly unique and despite being pretty opaque the glitter isn't buried.  Seriously, you NEED this polish.

This was 3 coats with a base and top coat.

China Glaze Flying Dragon in the sun

China Glaze Flying Dragon in the shade


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  1. o0o i really like this! it's so pretty!!!

  2. Gorgeous color and totally agree with you - must-have purple! China Glaze is awesome for their color selection.

    This is one of my favourite China Glaze nail polishes. The first time I wore it with a top coat, it lasted me 2-3 weeks straight!

    (That was when I was testing it out to see the durability...Hehe, now I like to change my polish at least once a week.)
    - Mary

  3. @Mary
    This one lasted forever on me too! I usally don't hav emuch of a problem getting polishes to last a long time, but this one was extraordinary. It wasn't as hard to remove as I was expecting either, seeing as it has glitter.

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