Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Trio Eyeshadow in Lagoon- The London Look is Not My Cup of Tea

It's not often that I'm going to post about something I really don't like.  First, because I do my research before I buy and swatch in store (when available) I rarely buy anything I absolutely hate.  And second because if I don't like something, it bores me to tears and I won't feel like wasting time talking about it!

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Trio Eyeshadow in Lagoon is one of my few "dislike intensely" purchases.  I'm so spoiled with Wet n Wild's shadows that I took it for granted that all drugstore shadows were as great.  They aren't.  I bought this one when Walgreens was having a 50% off sale on all Rimmel cosmetics. Rimmel has always been hit or miss for me, and more often a miss.  All the foundations are too dark and orange and the lip glosses smell overwhelmingly of baby wipes, which is kind of gross.  I have a lipstick in Airy Fairy, which is just okay.  I like the color, but the texture doesn't really melt into my lips.  It just sort of sits there and looks like a mask.  Oh, the nail polishes are probably my favorite from the line, but there aren't that many colors that excite me.

I bought this trio because the colors looked pretty in the pan and it was cheap.  After I tried it, I discovered being inexpensive was it's only good quality.  The shadow IS soft, but its a powdery, fallout mess.  The way it applies it looks like cheap, colored baby powder.  The colors that looked so beautiful in the pan are one note and chalky.  I TRIED to do an eye look with this palette but it looked like a hot mess.  The shadows didn't blend and looked like I had colored sidewalk chalk on my eyelids.  Not pretty.

Here are the arm swatches if you are brave enough to look.

Rimmel Eye Shadow Trio in Lagoon

It looks so pretty in the sun!  But it lies!

The swatches don't actually look too bad.  But just know that they swatch waaaaay better on the arm than they look on the eye.

  • Cheap if you can get it on sale
  • Texture was soft...
  • BUT the texture was powdery and chalky
  • Does not stick to the eyelid well
  • Colors are very one note
  • More expensive than Wet n Wild and not nearly as good quality

  • Retails for &4.99 at drugstores and wherever Rimmel is sold

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Hahaha, I have a few of those stories (makeup I really, really detest). The question becomes: are you going to trash the compact or hold onto it out of sheer stubborn/cheap willpower? ;) I need to get rid of some of my dislikes... Maybe I'll pawn em off on some friends... (I am sooo cheap!)

    Bravo for posting the swatches. I'm going to have a "I hated this"/"This is fail" post someday. I figure it will be embarrassing AND refreshing to relive the painful moments of awful all over again. ... I'm saving a folder of images. ;)

  2. @GenkiOriana

    That's a good idea! I felt bad making a post about one thing I didn't like. I should have just saved them up and dumped them into one post. I can't wait to see your "fail" post when you do it! And with this eye shadow, I think I'll follow your advice an pawn it off on some unsuspecting friend! Haha!

  3. Wow, the colors look pretty but I get what you mean about disappointments. I hate that!!! You should buy the WnW Coloricon palette in "Blue had me a hello". That would have pretty blues but much better quality. I don't have it, but it just looks gorgeous and I keep checking it out everytime when I am at Walgreens.

  4. @Danielle

    I DO need to buy that one. At the same retail price as the Rimmel ($4.99) I know I can expect quality from WnW. And these Rimmel shadows don't look too bad from the swatches, but they were a mess on the eye.


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