Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm Too Foxy For My Blush- Hard Candy Fox in A Box Blush swatches and review

Okay, I know the song says sexy and not foxy, but I couldn't resist referencing one of the best songs of all time- Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy".  For some reason I really liked this song as a child even though I doubt I knew what sexy meant.  My mom would have never allowed me to listen to this song so I remember going over to my older neighbor's house to "play" when I would really be listening to songs like this and "Barbie Girl" while she practiced her makeup skills on me.  Remember "Barbie Girl"?  Like you could forget!

I don't own any of Benefit's boxed blushes (yet!) but when I saw their drugstore dupe, Hard Candy's Fox in a Box blushes, I knew I had to own them.  And usually I could care less about names, but "Fox in a Box" is so cute!   Despite not owning any of Benefit's blushes I have swatched them and tried them on my face so I do know that Hard Candy's version pales a bit in comparison.  But still, for $22 less, were you expecting any different?  The texure isn't as soft and smooth, but these are dang good blushes for 6 bucks.  And as far as pigmentation goes, one of the blushes was TOO pigmented for my uber pale skin.  I'm going to have to use a really light hand with it.

There are two types of Fox in a Box- bronzing duos and blushing quads.  I got one of each.

The colors I bought are:
  • Truth or Dare- a bronzing duo with a shimmery pale pink and a light golden bronze
  • Hot Flash- a blush quad with a shimmery peach, a matte nude, a shimmery watermelon pink, and a matte strawberry red (Ha! I just realized I used fruits to describe 75% of the shades!)

All swatches are done with my finger on bare skin.

Left: Truth or Dare      Right: Hot Flash

The boxes close pretty securely with magnets. (Magnets, how do they work? ;-) Props if ya get it)

Truth or Dare

Far left is the bronze half, then it is the pink half.  The third swatch is the two mixed together.  I really like this blush.  It actually functions as a bronzer for me.  This is the first bronzer I have ever been able to use that just gave me a subtle glow and didn't make my skin orange or dirty looking.  My only quibble is that the bronze side is a bit more pigmented than the pink side.

Hot Flash

The swatch order is the top two squares from the left followed by the bottom two.  The fifth swatch is all the colors blended together while at the end is the blush blended out a bit.

The bright color almost makes this blush too pigmented and dark for me.  When I use it I'm just going to try and avoid that shade with my blush as much as possible.

  • Inexpensive
  • Unique (for the drugstore)
  • Several color options
  • Offers a good bronzer for pale skin
  • Hot Flash is very pigmented
  • Colors blend together well
  • Only available at Walmart
  • The included brush is worthless
  • The pigmentation varies even within one box


 Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I love finding dupes. I also love some quirky random brands. Ever seen Flaunt? (It's an Icing thing) It's the quirkiest and most entertaining packaging ever. Also: it's made for pre-teens so the colors are light and airy (which for me translates into work friendly).

    Magnets. They're miracles.

  2. @GenkiOriana

    I REALLY need to go to Icing. Everyone is always raving about their nail polishes too. I though I went into it last time I was at the mall, but it turns out it was Claire's instead. I didn't feel like traipsing around again so I just left. I used to have an innate sense of where everything was in the mall as a teenager, but I seem to have lost that as an adult, haha.

  3. I wanna try Truth or Dare! <3 very pretty The pinks kinda scare me...hhahahaha

  4. Haha! Love the title. lol. Super cute. I've been wondering if I should get these, but I just don't know. I think Hot Flash may be a little overwhelming on my cheeks. Thanks for posting individual swatches as well as swatches of them mixed together. :)

  5. @ shimmer
    I love Truth or Dare! If you don't have anything like it, for $6 you should try it!


    Hot Flash is definitely too intense for my near translucently pale skin. It would looks nice on darker ladies, though, as I know they have a hard time sometimes getting ENOUGH pigment. I'm pretty sure you can return used cosmetics to Walmart so the blushes may be worth checking out.

  6. That hot red color is intriguing! I'm fair, so I don't usually go for colors that bright, but I've been in an experimental mood lately. Lovely swatches!


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