Saturday, October 1, 2011

Too Faced Intense Eye Shadow in Poison Orchid Swatches and Review

I NEVER buy single eyeshadows. Especially from higher end brands. I feel like most colors can probably be duped by cheaper brands or by indie companies. I would much rather get more bang for my buck by buying palettes. But I saw Phyrra post about Too Faced eyeshadow in Poison Orchid and fell in love. At $18 this is the most money I have ever spent on a single eyeshadow, but I absolutely adore it. Lately I've been super lazy with my makeup and this eye shadow makes it super easy to just slap on your lids and go. And it doesn't look boring.
Too Faced Intense Eye Shadow in Poison Orchid
Too Faced Intense Eye Shadow in Poison Orchid
Too Faced Intense Eye Shadow in Poison Orchid
The color is gorgeous. It's a very sparkly purple in a blackened base.

From left- Over bare skin, over Too Faced Shadow insurance, over Pixie Epoxy, over a black base, over a white base
The first swatch is over bare skin. The shadow gives great pigmentation even dry. For how sparkly it is, you would expect grittiness or fallout, but I don't get any when I wear it. It apply smoothly and evenly. I'm am extremely impressed with the texture. This is definitely one of my favorite formulas in a pressed shadow. It doesn't hurt that the color is gorgeous as well.

A sticky base (the third swatch) amplifies the sparkle even more, while over a black base gives the shadow depth while maintaining the sparkle. I didn't particularly care for it over a white base, but I decided to show you for the sake of comparison.

I wore this for at least 12 hours over primer and didn't experience any fading or creasing. I even took a nap with it on and it still looked great. I don't know how much of a requirement this is for eyeshadow, but as a nice little bonus my pillow wasn't covered in purple sparkles either. It stuck to my eyeball like a magnet.

If you like the color at all I highly recommend you buy it. At least take some time to swatch it the next time you're at Sephora and you'll see what I mean. I wish Too Faced had more colors with this same finish because I would buy them all!


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  1. This is a fantastic colour I got it recently too

  2. I bought this one too! It's sooooo pretty. The midnight blue one and the teal ones have similar finishes too!

  3. That is a really cool colour with very cute packaging! :D Reminds me alot of Anna Sui though.

  4. "It stuck to my eyeball like a magnet." Oh my god... I almost died laughing :D


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  5. It's a great color I love it w/the black base..
    U did it the swatch with a wet shadow?

  6. wow wow WOW!!! why haven't I gotten that color? it's heaven, I love blackened colors.....ugh, so want this and a blackened red

    Vonnie of

  7. Oh bloody hell, now I DEFINITELY need it *_____*

  8. I always just use a white base if I don't go for an eye primer, but I really need to re-think that...this shadow over black is like POW. The color is just *so* intense! <3 it!

  9. Good lord, I might need this. I just saw swatches of a few others from this collection and I pretty much love them.


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